Best Solo Trips For 2016 - Included Crete

Best Solo Trips For 2016 - Included Crete

Best Solo Trips For 2016 - Included Crete

The Greek islands are among the best destinations for solo trips in 2016, to meet new people and gain some independence, according to a feature published in USA Today on Sunday.

As USA Today points out, now more than ever, solo travel is gaining popularity, as the travel industry has seen a steady increase in single travelers in recent years.

Greek islands for solo travel

On Greece, USA Today notes that even if the country is facing problems with its economy, people should not be discouraged to travel there alone.

“While Athens has rich history to offer and is a good home base, the islands offer a perfect solo beach escape where you’ll be able to meet people and island hop when you get bored. Luckily there are thousands of islands to explore with ferries and flights providing easy access between them. Don’t miss picturesque Santorini, famous party spot Mykonos, beach-riddled Zakynthos, historical Ithaca, under-rated Syros, and of course the biggest island, Crete.

How to meet people: Traveling solo around the Greek Islands can be tricky if you are looking for travel partners, especially if you’re island hopping from place to place. Although they can be pricey, a cruise can be your best option.” Traveling solo Citing a study by Visa, USA Today notes that one in five travelers set out on their most recent vacation alone. “Not only do these types of trips enable travelers to meet new people and gain some independence — they’re an ideal way to explore these nine exciting destinations in the upcoming year.”

Best solo trips for 2016 :

- Solola, Guatemala
- Grand Circle, U.S.
- Reykjavik, Iceland
- Melbourne, Australia Ganges River cruise,
- India
- Great Britain and Ireland
- California coast, U.S.
Greek Islands, Greece
- New Zealand

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