Greece Unveils Online Map with Covid-19 Risk by Regional Unit

Greece Unveils Online Map with Covid-19 Risk by Regional Unit

Greece Unveils Online Map with Covid-19 Risk by Regional Unit

The Greek government has introduced a new online platform that includes a risk-assessment map that enables citizens to track the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country and keep up to date with the latest safety restrictions by regional unit.

The health safety map was presented during Friday’s Covid-19 media briefing and is available on, the official website launched by the Ministry of Digital Governance with information on the measures taken by the Greek government for the pandemic.

Through the online risk-assessment map (in Greek), citizens can check the degree of risk indicated by four levels (traffic light color-coded) for any of the 74 Greek regional units and see what safety restrictions are in force:

Level 1 – Green – Low risk (Intervention: Preparedness / On alert)

Level 2 – Yellow – Moderate risk (Intervention: Monitoring)

Level 3 – Orange – High risk (Intervention: Increased monitoring)

Level 4 – Red – Very high risk (Intervention: Strict measures)

The risk levels are based upon the number of new daily cases per 100,000 people.

The platform includes a table that lists information on the measures that are in force in each region and in accordance to the color categories.

Measures vary according to the color level a regional unit has. For example, if a regional unit is at the green level, bars, restaurants and cafes are allowed to stay open until 1am. If a region is yellow, they must close at 12:30 and if it is orange the curfew is at 12am. If a regional unit is at the red level, bars, restaurants and cafes will not operate.

It is noted that mask wearing and social distancing measures are the same for all regional units regardless of color level. Masks are mandatory for all when in a working area of the public and private sector and in crowded outdoor spaces. If a regional unit is red color, masks will be mandatory in all outdoor areas.

At the time of presenting the map, 27 Greek regional units were at the green level, 25 at the yellow level and 22 at the orange level. No regional unit in Greece is red (very high risk) and according to Greek Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias, so far no area is even close to reaching that level.

The online risk-assessment map will be updated every 14 days in cooperation with Greece’s special committee of infectious disease specialists or any time deemed required according to the epidemiological indicators of an area.

The risk level of a regional unit can be found on the map by selecting it from a list, by inserting a postal code, or by pressing on a destination.

The map can be found here.

Source : GTP Headlines

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