Oh ... Summer

Oh ... Summer

Oh ... Summer

Summer ... 

- The best cure for everything.

- Seagulls that travel with every ship of the barren and fertile line.
- Games with foamy waves.
- Caves on inaccessible beaches, and crystal clear sapphire seas.
- Dives from rocks that have been sculpted by the waves, the salt and the wind.
- Bodies that, like sunflowers, always turn towards the sun.
- Papayas in tomato salad.
- A slice of juicy watermelon cools the heart.
- Midday siesta with a book in arms.
- Hugs and kisses, and other love tricks.
- All the senses at their forte.
- Love hits red.
- The "I love you forever" in diapason, even temporarily, because the illusion sweetens the ears.
- Cars loaded with all kinds of luggage.
- Walking in canyons, forests and mountains.
- Lying in the hammock, under the pines, with the cicadas chirping.
- Cool, wet nights with a full moon.
- The village wears its festive clothes for the big festival.
- Music, space, parties.
- Love for life, for nature, for man.
- Carelessness, fun, relaxation, contact with the divine within.
- We all become one.

And a child counts the stars.

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