Rethymno allyear round

Rethymno allyear round

Rethymno allyear round

With the absolute balance of perspective between past and present, the mystery of the East and the luxury of the West, the tradition and the modern trends, Rethymno is the ideal destination for every budget, every age, every visitor, 12 months a year.

The natural environment, the long history, and the exquisite architecture along with the perfect hospitality infrastructure, the sustainable design, the accessibility and the modern Art and Gastronomy, create unforgettable experiences and reward each visitor with the authentic Cretan hospitality.

With mild temperatures and soft pleasant breezes, the fall season in Rethymno is a true feast of colors and tastes. The majority of the Hotels, Villas, and Boutique Hotels are still open and convenient to all kinds of attractions.

Explore the seductive labyrinth of the Old Town, follow the trails of history through the monuments and museums, visit art and science spots, join interesting children and adult cultural and sports activities and festivals, have a bike tour during the sunset, taste a traditional meal in the local restaurants that still offer outdoor seating, shop unique, locally crafted gifts, take part in wine and gastronomy workshops and enjoy the lively nightlife with countless entertainment options.

As a city sustainable and accessible to all, and recently awarded with the Bike Friendly Destination Certificate, Rethymno is open to all kinds of exercise and outdoor activities, with many sports facilities and bike friendly infrastructure. Thus, you can enjoy wellness and detoxification getaways, environment exploration activities that revitalize mind and body, events, tournaments, and festivals for all ages.



The fall season is also the ideal opportunity to explore the amazing inland with the impressive gorges, the beautiful caves, the picturesque villages, the wild southern coastline, and the rare species of fauna and flora. Discover numerous bike trails, walking, and hiking routes, and enjoy sightseeing along with a strong contact with nature.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the special agrotourism accommodation units located in the broader area of Rethymno in order to experience local life, help with olive and wine harvest and enjoy a farm-to-table meal. Discover everything about the prized cultural heritage known as Cretan Diet, use the age-old harvesting techniques and learn about the importance of olive oil and wine in a healthy diet and their connection to Cretan culture.

Rethymno can also be the choice for the most precious time in your life, your wedding. Whether you’re planning a sophisticated wedding or a relaxing beachfront ceremony, Rethymno offers high-standard facilities and services along with the perfect romantic scenery for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The city of Rethymno has Tourism professionals, who are constantly trained in order to comply with the necessary health protocols and to provide absolutely safe and high-quality services to their guests. This is the reason that makes Rethymno a popular destination for Digital Nomads.

Plan your next escape in Rethymno and be prepared for an unforgettable experience, full of life, joy, and hospitality, All Year Round!

Source : Municipality of Rethymno

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