Traveling by Greek Ferry? Know Your Rights

Traveling by Greek Ferry? Know Your Rights

Traveling by Greek Ferry? Know Your Rights

In view of the summer season, Greece’s consumer rights group EKPIZO urges passengers to be aware of their rights while traveling on ferries.

According to the Consumers’ Association ‘The Quality of Life’, EKPIZO, the following rights apply to all passengers traveling on ferries within Greece.

Ticket cancelation

If you cancel your ticket ahead of your trip, you are entitled to a refund of the original amount, depending on the time of cancellation. Travelers are entitled to a full refund (including reservations and VAT) if travel is canceled by the ferry operator.


You can modify your ticket (eg change date of travel/return) up to 48 hours ahead of scheduled departure, depending on date and seat availability. You are not entitled to a refund in case of fare difference.

Trip Cancelation

If the ferry operator is at fault for the cancelation, you are entitled to compensation or alternative refund options, in the case that you were not notified of the cancelation one week ahead of scheduled departure, or if you were not notified at least 12 hours before the scheduled departure time and offered the option of an alternative to your destination within 12 hours of the canceled trip.

Due to Ferry Damage

If your journey is canceled due to ship damage, you can:

if you are notified in due time – travel to your destination by alternative means within 24 hours, with all expenses covered by the ferry operator.
decide not to use your ticket and be refunded for the ticket fare in full.
in neither of the above cases, you are entitled to free meals and overnight accommodation (if required) inside the ship or at a hotel, or a refund of your fare in double, if you are not transferred to your destination within 24 hours due to operator’s fault.

Departure Delay

In case of delayed departure exceeding 90 minutes from the scheduled time due to the ferry operator’s fault, you have the right:

- to request a full refund of your ticket (both passenger and vehicle).
- receive free meals and stay onboard until the ferry departs.

For additional information or queries, contact port authorities at the point of travel: Piraeus: 14944 – 14541 – 210-4172675; Rafina: 22940-28888; Lavrio: 22920-26589, 22920-25249, or EKPIZO on 210-3304444 or [email protected].

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