What to Do When Your Flight to or From Crete is Cancelled or Delayed

What to Do When Your Flight to or From Crete is Cancelled or Delayed

What to Do When Your Flight to or From Crete is Cancelled or Delayed

It’s a situation that no one wants, much less expects - you arrive at the airport two hours early and, when waiting to board, find out that your flight is either delayed significantly or cancelled altogether. It doesn’t matter whether this was your flight to or from Crete, the mere fact of being stuck in an airport is enough to drive anyone to frustration. But just because you found yourself in a spot of bad luck doesn’t mean you’re completely powerless in the situation. Rather than simply hang around the airport, there are a number of different things you can do to make the most out of your misfortunate. Check them out below:

Stuck in Crete:

Stay a Few Days Longer

If you find yourself delayed in Crete for long enough, then why not simply stay longer? In most cases of delay, the airline in question will do their best to accommodate your needs, and this includes getting you a new flight at the time and date of your choosing. Seeing as you’re in Crete anyway, staying for a few extra days in order to soak up some more sun, enjoying the pristine beaches, grabbing a bottle of Notos lager and kicking back to watch the tourists and locals drift by isn’t the worst idea in the world. On the heels of that -

Catch the Ferry to Santorini

A flight isn’t the only way out of Crete, so if you find yourself desperate for another exit then taking the Ferry to Santorini might just be the escape route you’re looking for. Of course, you could also just get on a boat based on the fact that Santorini is a beautiful island in its own right with plenty of exciting sights and possibilities on offer. Visit Ammoudi Bay for some secret swimming between rugged bluffs of rocks, not to mention the old seafood Tavernas for some of the freshest and most delicious fish. Akrotiri, the Red Beach and countless wineries are also some of the attractions worth visiting.

Get to Crete:

Get Your Own Back

If you find yourself stuck in an airport before you’ve even had the opportunity to get to Crete, then you shouldn’t take it standing down. It used to be that traveller’s had no rights in this regard, but the law has since been updated and now favours passengers who have been seriously inconvenienced by airlines. The law is called EC 261 and states that a passenger has suffered a severe delay, missed their flight or connection, or been denied boarding at the fault of the airline, then the airline has to compensate them with up to €600, new flights and paid-for accommodation. It’s no small chunk of change, and might even afford you the opportunity for another holiday to Crete!

Brush Up on Your Greek

If you’re stuck in an airport then why not use that time productively and brush up on your Greek? Since you’re going to be visiting at least one Greek island, being able to say a few basic terms and phrases will go a long way to establishing a good rapport with any and all locals you might meet. We’re not saying you attempt to achieve a level of fluency in the length of your delay, but learning how to say, “please”, “thank you”, or “could I please have another beer?” will definitely never go amiss.

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