Wildflowers of Crete

Wildflowers of Crete

Wildflowers of Crete

There are plenty of wildflowers in lovely Crete and please note that thy are precious components of biodiversity, therefore please avoid picking them or harming them in any way, especially those species under threat. Take a picture instead!

Two of the most famous of Crete are : 

Crete: Ebenus cretica

The Cretan ebony bears different names across different regions of Crete, including “archontoxilo,” “ploumi,” and “alimatsa.” It is a subshrub – a plant with ground-hugging stems – that can reach a height of up to one meter. Its leaves are furry and its flowers, an intense pink-fuschia color, bloom in dense bunches around a central axis, from April to the beginning of June, depending on their location and altitude. Its petals are said to be used to fill pillows and mattresses. It is an endemic plant of Crete – meaning that it naturally grows there exclusively – and is very common in a few areas, where it’s found in great numbers. It grows on rocky limestone slopes covered in phrygana, and on roadsides at elevations that reach 1100m.

Crete: Petromarula pinnata 

This plant, endemic to Crete, is considered very important because it’s the only representative of its genus. It belongs to the Campanulaceae family and the name Petromarula comes from the words petra (rock) and marouli (lettuce). Its toothed leaves form a rosette at their base; its soft purple flowers appear from April to June and develop into dense bunches around a central axis. It’s a chasmophyte, meaning it grows exclusively inside cracks in rocks, on limestone surfaces, and on old stone walls, at elevations ranging from the lowlands to mountainous areas.

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