Winter is the best time to visit Crete

Winter is the best time to visit Crete

Winter is the best time to visit Crete

Dear Friends, Crete Travellers,

I hope you are doing great.


Most of you have probably have some great memories during your summer holiday in Crete, crystal-clear blue waters of the amazing southern coast, the small taverns with delicious food by the sea, and the warm summer sun tickling your skin.

Absolutely, all these memories are great, but discovering Crete during the Winter will leave you captivated by its beauty.

The mountainous villages, filled with authenticity where residents keep traditions alive, through music, the art of looming, and of course the food, wine, and tsikoudia that flows endlessly, warm hospitality ... the snowy mountains of Psiloritis and White Mountains.

Yet, another notable part of the land during this season is the natural surrounding that surpasses any expectations you may have.

Mountains turn white, wild edible herbs and greens flourish while the diverse fauna get around in complete harmony.

These are few reasons you should visit Crete during the Winter and I will be glad to help you to organize a memorable stay in Crete.

Just contact me : [email protected]

Very many thanks. 

Stay safe and healthy ... a glorious weekend ahead.


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