Traditional Cooking Lesson at Mitato - Shepherds Hut

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Join us for a unique experience in rural, unspoilt countryside of East Crete.

Live like a real shepherd and return home richer in experiences after socializing with the proud Cretans.

  • Small Group
  • Full Day
  • Gastronomy (Wine Tastings & Cooking Workshops)
  • History & Culture
  • Jeep Safari Tours
  • Cretan Villages
  • Wildlife & Nature
  • Agrotourism/Ethnography

A fascinating tour in the world of traditional Cretan food and cheese, delicious Cretan recipes; the famous livestock products of the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean, in the enchanting mountain landscape of Krousta and Katharo Plateau.

We will drive through the forest of Krousta, which settled and intensively used by a man about four thousand years ago, partly also in the Natura 2000 Special Protection area GR4320010.

During all seasons rare and endemic plants can be found all over the park - the forest of Krousta, and a great variety of birds and other animals live in this habitat.

You will be enchanted by its geology, the rich fauna and flora, the colors of nature and its smells, and on reaching your destination the incomparable beauty of the landscape will soothe your soul.

Among the green colors of nature and surrounded by the imposing mountains, we will find the shepherd’s hut, where you will have the opportunity to interact with the shepherd’s wife and create unique traditional recipes, such as cheese pies, fresh pasta, stuffed vine leaves, ‘Gamopilafo ’goat with rice and much more.

Just follow her instructions and you will create delicious Cretan recipes.

The magic ends in the presence of sheep and goats grazing in the surrounding area and you will have the opportunity to milk them and produce authentic, delicious cheese.

This is a great option to learn about the real shepherd life and return home richer in experiences after socializing with the proud Cretans.

The experience begins from your hotel, where we head for the East, towards the settlement of Kalo Horio, the lacy coast of Merambello, as it is called.

Good to know 

The "mitata" of the highest mountain of Crete, are particularly famous among architects and anthropologists, all over the world. A brief presentation of the construction methods, the use in the past and nowadays, and the histories/legends linked to them, will be presented by the shepherd on the spot while walking in an easy path that passes from a series of these amazing human creations.

Crete leads the world in cheese consumption and Cretans love cheese rather than milk. Many dishes of the traditional Cretan cuisine are based on local dairy products. However cheese is eaten in Crete alone throughout the day, and Cretan Graviera topped with honey is Cretan's favorite breakfast or supper.

The taste of the Cretan cheeses (graviera, kefalograviera, kefalotiri, sweet or sour mizithra, athotiros, staka, stakovoutiro, pichtogalo Chanion, xinogalo ) and the rest of the dairy products are unsurpassed! 

An important source of proteins of high biological quality, cheese plays a central role in the Cretan diet. It is said to be a source of saturated fats but the Cretans who eat it do not have high levels of cholesterol, probably the combinations of the Cretan nutritional model provide the ideal balance…


- 1-2 Adults: 350.00 Euros 
- 3 Adults: 400.00 Euros 
- 4 Adults: 440.00 Euros
- 5 Adults: 490.00 Euros 
- 6 Adults: 550.00 Euros 
- Child under 2 years old free of charge.
- Child 2 - 12 years old: 40.00 Euros 
- Baby Chair on buster: 20.00 Euros
- We use 4 seats per car for individuals and 6 seats for families


- Transport from/to your accommodation
- A local shepherd with his wife will be present for the preparation of cheese
- Beverages and drinks
- Lunch in nature
- Water (1 lt)
- Third-Party Liability
- Taxes

Not included

- Personal Accident Insurance (upon request)
- Personal expenses & tips
- Anything not mentioned above


5-7  hours


In the heart of the forest of Krousta in East Crete


English, Francais, German, Italian, Polish, Russian

Please Note 

- If you choose the trekking routes: Children can participate from the age of 12, given they have a relative trekking experience.
- Necessary personal equipment: Sunscreen oil, Hat, Sunglasses │ Walking or trekking shoes│ Small rucksack with your personal items │Walking poles (available upon request, depending on availability)
- (!) Please inform us of any dietary needs/particularities you might have (allergies, intolerances) or other health issues we have to take into consideration.


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