Vlahiana Settlement


Vlahiana, 15 km southwest of the town of Heraklion, is a small settlement which lies at the southeast foot of Mount Psiloritis, amphitheatrically located at an altitude of 580 meter, overlooking the villages of Kerasia, Venerato, and Avgeniki at a distance of about 1 km.

The area’s breathtaking natural beauty is accentuated by the intense morphological contrast of the terrain and the vineyards that embrace the settlement, along with the intrinsic beauty and sweeping views of the gorges at Ano Asites, Agia Irini and Venerato.

Nearby Vlahianna, and over the hill Patella near the small village Prinias in Malevizi province located the picturesque chapel of Saint Panteleimon with amazing views to mountains, vineyards, amazing Cretan nature.

Patela is the site of the Minoan town Rizinia or Apollonia, which prospered till the Roman period and after the excavations of the Italian Archaeological School unearthed a small fort of the 5th century BC with metal weaponry.

Moreover, the excavations revealed two temples of the 7th century BC (one was probably dedicated to Rhea) and a temple dedicated to the Minoan Goddess of Snakes. 

Where to stay 

At tiny Vlahiana, on the edge of the western section of the wine region, there is a unique, tranquil, converted old farmhouse, our superb Villa Kerasia Inn.


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