Fantastic Holiday: Nice Place, House, Car, People & Blue Sky Every 3 Weeks


"Kalimera Yiannis,
it was a fantastic holiday: nice place, house, car, people and blue sky every 3 weeks! All in one great!
We are sure, that we will come back to you J.

All the best and kind regards from Germany"
- Bettina

More honest reviews! 


Bio Wine, A Great Winery, Amazing Wine Tasting Tours

Bio wine, a great winery, amazing wine tasting tours ... we know the place.

Visit Manousakis Winery to taste our organic Nostos Wines, see the beautiful vineyards, eat lunch or dinner at the restaurant, take a cooking class, and more!

You could have a choice between five different tour options.

Learn more: Tours, Tastings, Events - Manousakis Winery

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The Hadrianic Temple of Diktynna in West Crete

On the eastern tip of the Rodopou Peninsula in West Crete are the scanty remains of a temple dedicated to the Cretan goddess Diktynna (Diktynnaion).

Diktynna was the virgin goddess of hunting and she was worshipped fervently in western Crete as the patroness of hunters and fishermen.

Diktynna’s name may be connected with Mount Dikte but the Greek historian Strabo tells us that it derives from the word diktyon, meaning ‘net’ (Strab. 10.4.12). Legend has it that when the lustful king...

Impressive Ancient Acropolis At Orne Village, Rethimnon

The largest Acropolis of Crete, as all show, is revealed by archaeological excavations, bringing to light one of the most important archaeological sites in the whole island of Crete.

This is the Mycenaean Acropolis of Orne, located near the villages of Orne, Krya Vrysi and Melabes, in the municipality of Agios Vasilios in Rethimno.

In particular, the 3rd excavation period in the Kastellos area of ​​the Orne Local Community is in full swing, and according to the latest finds,...

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Photo Of Day - The Crete You Are Looking For

Kalimera from still sunny, bright day ... 

... a superb Sunday ahead.

Up or down ... right or left? 

and for many more questions, we are here to help you.

The Crete You Are Looking For 

Rent Your Car And Explore Unique Crete

The best way to see Crete and experience its magic, wonderful villages and beaches, hidden bays and splendid drives, is to hire a car.

Rent your car now, for the best value and service via our sister website 

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Hiking & Gorges In Crete

Photo of the day from Messonas Gorge.

It is one of the greatest hikes in Eastern Crete along with the hike to Thripti, and is highly recommended. 

During this hike, you could even visit the ancient settlement of Azorias during your hike. Azoria was originally explored by the American archaeologist, Harriet Boyd-Hawes, in 1900.

For more info please contact us: 

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Fall Migration An Exciting Time For Birds in Crete

Fall migration is an exciting time for birds in lovely Crete.

An exciting time for all our guests enjoying this phenomenon.

Fall migration starts earlier than most people realize, with many shorebirds on the move by late June, and the first landbirds heading south soon thereafter.

August through October are peak months, but migration continues into December for some species, especially shorter-distance landbirds (e.g., sparrows, blackbirds), raptors, waterfowl, and seabirds. B


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AEGEAN Committed to Extend Greeceā€™s Tourism Season

AEGEAN on Wednesday once again underlined its commitment to contribute to the extension of Greece’s tourism season during the winter months.

According to an announcement, the company’s two carriers – AEGEAN and Olympic Air -carried 11.6 million passengers during the first nine months of 2019, reporting a 7 percent growth in passenger traffic. The growth is almost entirely due to the company’s 11 percent increase in international flights (700,000 additional passengers), reaching 6.8...

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Sailing Experience In Chania Crete

A memorable sailing experience awaits for you in picturesque Chania, Crete.

Consider a sailing private tour to explore areas of shore and small islands not accessible in any other way, a sunny Summer day spent on the water soaking up the Mediterranean sun, swimming, and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

Learn more: Daily Sailing Trip In Chania - Crete