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Happy Easter - Find that Egg !

In northern Europe and many other delightful points upon the globe, this weekend is Easter.

A chance to relax, visit family, meet your lover, visit a loved one, go to a church (even enter and say a few words) - whatever Easter is to you, yes it has become a holiday for all, enjoy it or be rewarded by it.

Here in Greece we are waiting for next weekend when Orthodox Easter weekend reaches us.

You will search for hidden eggs perhaps. We will go after the far more protein-laden real eggs by knocking them together and seeing who wins by breaking the other person’s red-tinted hard boiled specimen.

Hope the sun is shining where you are in spirit and also as a bonus, with luck, in meteorological fact.

Today - Saturday the 15th day of April 2006 is sunny here in Crete and gently warm, with high tem- peratures reaching between 19 and 23 degrees.

The visitor season has started. Closed cafes, invisible under their winter covers, have sprung back to life...tables are being placed on pavements, roadsides, terraces and sea-edge positions with optimism and delight.


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