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CNT- Greece’s Beaches Among Europe’s Best for 2020

The beaches of the Cyclades islands, the Ionian sea, Crete and the Sporades complex are included on the list of the “Best Beaches in Europe for 2020”, which was recently released by UK’s Condé Nast Traveller (CNT) magazine.

CNT’s list reveals some of the best beaches in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and Montenegro.

“The most dramatic beaches in Greece are undoubtedly in the hard-edged, wind-whipped Cyclades,” CNT says.

“The variety of the coastline is astonishing –...

Daily Sailing Cruise On The Top Coasts of South Chania Crete

Kalimera dear guests,

I wish you are fine and enjoy a glorious weekend.

Life is beautiful ... smile, breath, go slowly!

So glad to inform you that we are glad to offer you the one and only (so don't look for any other options) sailing trip in south Chania, Crete.

This is the best and only one sailing trip in south Chania, Crete to visit some of the most spectacular beaches: Sfakia, Glika Nera, Agios Pavlos, Samaria Gorge, Marmara and Loutro.

An amazing daily sailing cruise that...

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Secret Beaches of Crete - Kedromouri Beach

Secret beaches in Crete, just for you, our valued guest.

Are you looking for a sand, pebble beach with deep blue waters, nudism friendly and ideal for snorkeling and spearfishing? 

Then you should visit the Kedromouri Beach in east Crete nearby Vai Beach.

For more details please send us an email.

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Secret Beaches In Crete

We know the place ...

Please send us an email if you would like us to send you more details about this amazing beach in southern Chania.

We are here to help.

The Crete You Are Looking For :

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EEA : Greek Beaches at the Top for Cleanliness and Quality

The majority of Greece’s swimming areas are clean and free of pollutants harmful to human health and the environment, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said this week in its annual European bathing water quality report.

According to the findings, 97 percent of Greek bathing waters monitored in 2018 were found to be “excellent” – meeting a series of strict EEA quality standards, with 1.1 percent classified as “good”.

The report, which covers bathing water locations across Europe and...

Best Beaches of South Rethymno - Ligres Beach

We are glad to introduce you some of the best beaches of South Rethimno.

Today let's discover the beach of Ligres.

A superb sandy beach with clean, deep waters that accommodates every taste, 51km south of Rethymno and 7km south of the village Kerames, at the foot of the imposing mount of Siderotas. It is actually the north part of the beachfront called Akoumiani Gialia, starting from Mellissa cape to the south.

Ligres is one of the most beautiful beaches of south Rethimno, Crete, and...

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Travel Guide: Top-10 beaches on the Greek island of Crete

Crete is widely known for its mesmerizing beaches. Many of these areas are protected under the international Natura 2000 program which was established in 1992 by the EU to protect the biodiversity of nature. Thus, always remember to respect nature when visiting these areas.

Vai Beach, Sitia

Located in the very eastern part of the island, Vai has the biggest palm forest in Europe. In addition to having beautiful palm trees, Vai also has a wonderful sandy beach and clear waters, making...

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Photo of Day : Falasarna Beach

Our photo of day is from Falasarna Beach.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Crete with its wonderful fine white sand and warm, crystal-clear water.

We offer a uniqe experience - activity that gives you the opportunity to visit Balos Lagoon and Falasarna Beach.

Learn more : Shades of Blue - Explore Balos Lagoon & Falassarna Beach

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Greece’s Nudist Beaches among Europe’s Best

Three Greek beaches are among the Top 10 Nudist Beaches in Europe, according to a survey released by Promotional Codes, a leading voucher code website in the UK.

he data was based on TripAdvisor’s reviews and reveals the best spots where sun seekers can go skinny dipping in Greece, France, Turkey, Croatia and Majorca among other countries.

Greece’s nudist beaches included in the Top 10 are the Little Banana on Skiathos, the Red Beach on Crete and Mykonos’ Paradise beach.


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FlightNetwork Places Two Greek Beaches Among World’s 50 Best

The Greek beaches of Navagio and Elafonissi are included among the world’s 50 best beaches, according to the first annual list compiled by Canadian online travel website FlightNetwork.

“This comprehensive list will take you from the azure waters of Australia to the postcard-worthy shores of Africa, Europe, North, Central and South America, Caribbean, Asia and everywhere in between,” FlightNetwork said.

The list’s top five beach beaches place Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales, Turks and...