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Fresh Delicious Bread - Thalori Retreat

Photo of the day from out superb Thalori Retreat.

Fresh, healthy, delicious bread and one of the best breakfasts at Thalori Traditional Village.

Thalori Traditional Village Magnificent Views & Serenity and Benefits of Sea

Thalori Traditional Village commands a magnificent view of the Libyan Sea and combines in harmonious ways the wilderness of the mountain and the serenity and benefits of the sea.

“Thalori” means “sea” and “hill” and it is this rare coupling that lends a unique accommodation experience in southern Crete. 

Thalori consists of 20 traditional houses, each with a distinctive personality.

The houses are an integral part of the village, maintaining their Cretan architecture, combining...

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Traditional House In A Real Cretan Village Thalori Mountain Retreat

If you’ve dreamed of staying in a wonderfully restored, traditional house in a real Cretan village - you have found it.

Here you will feel the power of the mountains, the serenity of the sea, the immensity of nature, the richness of history, the traditional life, and the warm hospitality of the Skordalakis family.

This a place where time stops and the magic of the landscape keeps us spellbound – a paradise for true  nature lovers.

Thalori Traditional Village is a unique, restored old...

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Thalori Traditional Village In Crete - Silently Amazing

Many thanks Marie ....

"We spent 3 nights in Thalori Traditional Village and we enjoyed very much our stay.

We were staying in the new room in a little 5 units cottages detached from the main "resort". The view from the terrace was just amazing !

Markos and his wife Popi are great host. When we arrived a young girl Katerina welcomed us.

Because the village is quite isolated we took all our meals at Thalori and it was perfect and we enjoyed it.

We went to the Monastery Moni Koudouma...

Photo of the day - Agiofaraggo Beach

Photo of the day : Agiofaraggo Beach

Life's a beach ... Crete has been blessed with many off-the chart splendours, including lovely beaches lapped by clear waters shimmering in myriad shades of blue.

Read more about the great beach of Agiofarrago.

Nearby accommodations : 

- Thalori Traditional Village
- Listaros Villas

Nearby Tavern : 

- Thalori Tavern - Restaurant

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Crete in Winter ... during this hot, superb Day of October

28th of October today and it is a hot, superb day .... most of the people enjoying swimming, a walk in lovely Cretan landscape .... relaxing.

Do not forget this is a National holiday in Greece celebrating the ΟΧΙ (No) Day – the refusal of Greece in 1940 to accept the italian ultimatum advanced by Benito.

Maybe not the best day to write something about "Winter in Crete" ... but ... 

"Out of season" and "off-season" the right time to enjoy Crete's more peaceful nature. A good time...