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The Theodore Boutique Hotel Chania - Easy Living Next To Beach

The Theodore Boutique Hotel, easy-living, warm hospitality, personal care meets superb seafront location at this mini-resort, at Agia Marina Village only 8 km from the Venetian harbour of Chania, Crete’s most beautiful town.

The decor is so stylish & the rooms so spacious & comfortable, particularly the huge beds.

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The Theodore Boutique Hotel - A Love-centered Place In Chania Crete

The Theodore Boutique Hotel is a love-centered place where you will enjoy owners love for Crete, her people and hospitality, her ancient traditions and heritage, in a contemporary way.

But above all their focus remains on you— and your own personal journey to Crete.

The Theodore Boutique Hotel, easy-living, warm hospitality, personal care ...

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