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Cretan Honey and Its Miraculous Health Benefits

Cretan honey is famed all over the world for its unique flavor, but also for its miraculous health benefits.

Traditional honey produced on the island is raw and unfiltered, an all-natural product with distinctive, pure taste.

It is cherished in most Cretan homes and consumed raw incorporated in traditional recipes like pies and cakes, but also in savory dishes.

Notably, the Cretan thyme "thymari" (θυμάρι) honey is the “liquid gold” among all raw honey produced on the island.

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Photo Of The Day : Cretan Honey & Olive Oil Flagships Of Cretan Agro Products

Honey along with olive oil are probably the flagships of Cretan agro products!

Don't miss to taste and buy both of them during your next stay in superb Crete.

Our activties relating with honey and olive oil below :

- Pay a visit to Koronekes Olive Mill nearby Knossos Minoan Palace and Heraklion Town

- Artisan Olive Oil Soap Workshop in Chania Region

A Local Apiary & Bee-garden Visit

Beekeeping and Honey Making - Discover The Mystic World Of Honeybees

We are here to help you!

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Crete The Island Of Herbs And Honey

Honey an amazing source of health and vitality!

Nowadays, affer a great deal of scientific researches, almost all of us know that honey is a healthy and nutritious food like no other.

And we also know that in order to produce good quality honey, knowledge, care and an abundance of plants, flowers and trees is required. 

The honey produced by the Cretan beekeepers is, traditionally, of exceptional quality because of their knowledge, experience and care. A significant factor for...