Guest Review - Samaria Small Group Tour

Guest Review - Samaria Small Group Tour

Guest Review - Samaria Small Group Tour

"Kalimera Yiannis!

It is nice to hear from you. We are all back home in the US and getting back into our real lives. But we have fantastic memories of our visit to Crete, Greece and in particular, our hike of the Samaria Gorge!

Maria was a great guide and kept a nice pace. We learned to use the walking sticks and that was very useful as the stones can be slippery and they helped to prevent a fall.

There is water along the trail but one of the final descents involves a 3 km section between water stops so it is a good idea to make sure you fill your water bottles for everyone. That section happens to be one with lots of open area so it is particularly warm.

Stunning vistas at every turn. We loved every minute of it but were happy when we got to the end and enjoyed a big glass of fresh orange juice. The best orange juice we have ever had!

I was dreaming last night that I was back hiking the Samaria Gorge and informing others of how things would be coming up. Obviously, it was a memorable experience and I would LOVE to do it again - or perhaps another trip with you when we return. Yamas!"

Many thanks Amy.

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