Guests Reviews - We Love Our Guests

Guests Reviews - We Love Our Guests

Guests Reviews - We Love Our Guests

One more review from our valuable guests.

Hi Yiannis,
We had a great time!  We were picked up on time, the bus ride was great and our guide was very professional and informative.  We had read that the hike can be very busy, but did not expect just how busy it would get.  It was even difficult to take photos along the way, as people would pile up behind us.  I totally understand that this is beyond your control, so we do not fault you for it.  Overall we are happy we did it, and you guys did a great job, but next time we would choose a less busy hike. The week before, we had hiked Vikos which was a much more zen experience.   Maybe the gorge operators need to limit the number of tickets sold?  Anyways, thanks again for your professionalism and follow-up.  Your emails always put a smile on my face and I would recommend you without hesitation to other travellers.

Many thanks!

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