Tabakaria the rocky eastern region of Chania

Tabakaria the rocky eastern region of Chania

Tabakaria the rocky eastern region of Chania

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Next time when you are in Chania, you should pay a visit at Tabakaria.

Tabakaria is an integral part of the history of Chania.

Tabakaria, situated in the rocky eastern region of Chania, is the district where, since the early 19th century, the tanneries for processing leather were located.

It is a very atmospheric region, an architectural monument of the industrial age.

The installation of tanneries happened between 1830 and 1840, during the period of the Egyptian Crete. T

he location chosen for the tanneries of Chania was the most appropriate: pretty far and yet near the city, in a place with abundant groundwater, brackish water, next to the shallow sea that was useful for the first stage of leather processing.

During the 50s, there were more than 80 tanneries, while today only six still operate.

In case that you would like to stay in Tabakaria district then our Villa Yasemi is your best option.

Villa Yasemi, a unique architectural design property, lies on the rocky eastern region of Chania, one mile outside of the graphical Venetian harbor at quiet Tabakaria district.

Villa Yasemi is a 19th-century tannery, turned into a self-catering villa with discreet luxury and smart design offering relaxing spaces and unobstructed views to enjoy the enchanting colors of the sea, a lifetime experience.

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