Winery Tours at Boutari Winery (Scalarea Estate) Skalani Village

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Wine Tasting Courses at Boutari Winery (Scalarea Estate) , at Skalani Village nearby Heraklion, the resident Boutari oenologist offers a basic course on wine tasting, during which visitors can explore this mystical art through all the senses and learn the historic secrets associated with wine and its production.

  • Small Group
  • 1-4 Hours
  • Gastronomy (Wine Tastings & Cooking Workshops)
  • Cretan Villages

Join one of our great Wine Tasting Tours at Boutari-Scalarea Estate Winery, at Skalani Village nearby Heraklion.

Boutari - Scalarea Estate is situated just outside Skalani village and is surrounded by seven hectares of vineyards within the Archanes vine-growing region, a district producing “Appellation of Origin” (A.O.C.) wines.

It lies on the road towards the village of Myrtia, the birthplace of the famous Greek writer Kazantzakis and it is very close to the archaeological site of Knossos, in a distance of less than 5 km. Its first name was “Fantaxometocho” meaning “the phantom’s estate” based on a local tradition. The name “Scalarea” is an altered form of the name of the area found in 12th-century texts. Scalarea Estate is owned by Boutari Wineries.

The history and work of Boutari in Crete starts in 1989 with the acquisition of the estate in Scalani, Heraklion. 2015 was a pivotal year when Boutari completed an ambitious replanting project, based on the knowledge and systematic research of the varieties and the terroir acquired in 26 years of work.

The aim was throughout that time to create a vineyard with a very high-quality potential, that would highlight the dynamic of the Cretan soil.

The estate is 6,6 hectares (16.3 acres) on the northern slope of a low hill starting from an elevation of 170 meters (560 ft) going up to 215 meters (705 ft).

This protects it from the warm southern winds and exposes it to the cool breezes of the Cretan Sea. It is a gifted vineyard with a great natural balance of all the aspects that compose the right terroir.

The varietal composition includes Vidiano, Vilana, Moschato Spinas, Malvasia Aromatica and Chardonnay in whites and Kotsifali, Madilari, Mayrotragano, and Syrah in reds.

Now that the vineyard is reaching its peak in terms of quality and quantity since the replanting, the wines of the estate are redefined and relaunched as the Scalarea Estate wines: Scalarea White, Scalarea Red and Fantaxometocho

Via guided tours at the vineyard and the winery, the visitor has the opportunity to experience for himself the special delights of wine: the art of wine tasting, “vertical” wine tasting, and finally to enjoy the wines alongside those dishes and flavors which traditionally complement them in an especially-constructed reception hall.

You could choose one of the below wine-tasting tours : 


1: Stroll around Greece

A great introduction to Cretan and Greek wines catered to you by Hosts as you follow a path through the vineyards, the Production Area, and the Cellar of the winery. Following the tour you will enjoy a Wine Tasting of 5 different labels by Boutari Winery, from vineyards all over Greece, thus discovering several Indigenous grapes of Greece, accompanied by a complimentary amuse bouche. 

- Winery Tour
- Visit the Vineyard and Cellar of the Winery
- Wine Tasting of 7 wines 
- Platter of cheese, cold cuts, and a Cretan recipe of light finger food

Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Tours : 12.00 pm, 14.00 pm and 16.00 pm

Price: 30.00 Euros per person (incl. all taxes)

2: Crete's Finest

Explore Scalarea's History and Wine Making through a guided tour by our host, who will take you around the vineyards, the production area, and our cellar, as we share with you our knowledge regarding Wine Making and local grapes. Following the tour, you will enjoy a detailed guided Wine Tasting of 4 different wines and discover the magic of Food and Wine Pairing with local delicacies, artisan cheese, and local cold cuts.

- Winery Tour
- Visit the Vineyard and Cellar of the Winery
- Wine Tasting of 4 Premium Wines 
- Platter of cheese, cold cuts, and a Cretan recipe of light finger food

Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Tours : 12.00 pm, 14.00 pm and 16.00 pm

Price: 25.00 Euros per person (incl. all taxes)


3: Wine Picnic 

A Wine Picnic in a scenic setting, watching the endless vineyards of Scalarea Estate is a real treat for you and your loved ones. The  team of Genuine Experience in collaboration with Scalarea Estate has created an exclusive experience only for the visitors of our winery.

We have created a beautiful pop-up scene to enhance your Gastronomy Picnic, where you will experience a selection of local premium Wines and a Collection of Artisan Local Cheese, Cured Cold Cuts, and Cretan delicacies. All you have to do is, pick your basket which will be given to you at the winery packed with all the goods of our land.

Our Certified Sommeliers will show you how to taste wine as an Expert step by step, and you will get to know the Cretan vineyard in depth. We will share with you stories about the Cretan Culture, our Vineyards, and the History of our island.

- Winery Tour
- Visit Vineyard and Cellar
- A setting in a unique spot of Scalarea Estate
- A setting in a unique spot of Scalarea estate
- A Selection 4 local Premium Wines
- Platter of Local Artisan Cheese, Cured Cold Cuts, and Cretan Delicacies
- Private Wine Tasting

Duration: approx. 2 ½  hours
Tours: 11:00,12:00,13:00,14:00,15:00
Participants: Max 4 persons

Price: 70.00 Euros per person (incl. all taxes)


4: Vertical Wine Tasting 

The ultimate experience for every wine lover is unapologetically a Vertical Wine Tasting which will allow you to understand in depth the History of our Winery. In this Wine Tasting experience, you will get to taste different Vintages of the same Vinification, as the Certified Sommelier shares with you notes and thoughts about each vintage. Following your detailed tasting we will offer you the perfect pairing on each vintage according to each wine individually. Your Vertical tasting will take place in a private setting, underground, in the cellar of our winery, as you savor 5 different Vintages, around the lingering aromas of our aging barrels. 

You have the option to choose between a selection of White Wines or a series of Red wines, with the according pairing. 

- Winery Tour
- Visit the Vineyard and Cellar of our Winery
- Wine Tasting of 5 different Vintages
- Food and Wine Pairing

Duration: approximately 2 hours
Participants: Max 4 persons
Tours : 12.00 pm & 15.00 pm

Price: 145.00 Euros per person (incl. all taxes)


5: Treasures of Crete

Treasures of Crete is your ultimate experience to dive into the History, Culture, and Wine Legacy of Boutari Estate. Genuine Experience by Rami Masount, in collaboration with our Winery, has created a tailor-made ode around the Gastronomy and Magnificence of Crete for our visitors. 

You will enjoy a private tour, guided by our Certified Sommelier, and explore the secrets behind the story of our Winery, and the Wine Making process as you walk around our Vineyards, our Production area, and our cellar, as we shift you to a different reality. 

Once you have enjoyed your walk around the winery you will be seated in a private spot that we have set and decorated exclusively for our guests. We begin with an exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting, which will unlock a whole new world for you, discover the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the history of Olive Oil Making, and a guide on how to pair Olive Oil according to your dish!

Following your tour will enjoy our detailed Local Wine Tasting with the guidance of Genuine Experience's Certified Sommelier and indulge your senses as you discover indigenous varieties of Crete, and how international varieties evolve in Crete's terroir! 

Finally, your experience will be topped by pairing wines you have tasted with dishes of Authentic Cretan Cuisine, which will be the capstone of your Cultural and Gastronomical Experience with us. 

- Guided Private Tour in the Vineyards and Cellar of the Winery
- Tailor-made setting in Private Spot
- Olive Oil Tasting of 3 Cretan Labels
- A step-by-step Cretan Wine Tasting of 5 different Wine Labels 
- Artisan Local Cheese Tasting 
- Authentic Food and Wine Pairing
- 4-course Menu
- Private Transfer in Luxury Vehicle upon Request (extra cost)

Experience Duration: 2 ½  hours approximately
Participants: Max 6 people 
Tours: 11.00 am, 13.00 pm, 15.00 pm

Price: 120.00 Euros per person (incl. all taxes)


6: Lunch n' Wine

- Winery tour
- Visit the Vineyard and Cellar
- Guided Wine Tasting of 5 different wines
- Food and Wine Pairing of 4-course meal, Cretan cuisine (#Vegan Option available) 

Experience Duration: 2 hours 
Participants: Max 10 people 
Tours: 11.00 am, 12.00 pm, 13.00 pm, 14.00 pm, 15.00 pm

Price: 80.00 Euros per person (incl. all taxes)

After the tour, the visitor has the opportunity to:

- Have an introduction to the art of wine tasting
- Enjoy Boutari wines in combination with local dishes
- Purchase current and older vintages of Boutari wines
- Purchase various Greek delicacies
- Enjoy a full meal (reservation required)
- Combine his/her visit to the winery with the important archaeological site of Knossos (4 km) and the Kazantzakis Museum (3 km)

General Notes:

- Minimum Number of Persons per Winery Tour: 4
- Duration: Approx. 60 min.
- All tours available in English and Greek
- Private parking is available on Estate premises.
- Rates include all taxes.

Distances :

- Distance from the Heraklion Airport: 12 km (20 minutes)
- Distance from the Heraklion Port: 9 km (15 minutes)
- Distance from the center of Heraklion: 8 km (15 minutes)
- Distance from the village of Archanes: 4 km (10 minutes)
- Distance from Knossos (archaeological site): 4 km (10 minutes)
- Distance from Kazantzakis Museum: 3 km (10 minutes)

PS. Please clarify in your request, which one of the above tours you would prefer to join. Many thanks!


Honest Reviews

The reviews for the Winery Tours at Boutari Winery (Scalarea Estate) Skalani Village

Reviews ( 10 )

  • Casey

    Kaliméra Yiannis! We had a fabulous time on Crete and we cannot wait to visit again. The cooking and wine tour was exactly what I was looking for! Our guide was amazing and adorable and the chef made everything very easy to understand and we shared so many laughs. In the next few days I will be working on my reviews for Boutari and your company as well. Both were wonderful and easy to work with. I will keep you in mind for the next time we visit. Yamas! Kind regards, Casey

  • Rachel

    Kalispera Yiannis, We had an absolute lovely time at the winery tour yesterday - it was the perfect activity for our final day in Crete.  Katerina was so friendly and was so patient with all of our questions during the tour. The tasting itself was perfect - just enough information to let us know what to look for in the aromas and taste but not so technical that we got lost.  Thank you again for helping organise everything - it was probably the smoothest activity of our entire trip!  Kindest regards,Rachel

  • Stephanie

    Boutari Winery was great, we loved everything about it, including the food, hospitality, Maria and Vee Vee. -Stephanie

  • Becci

    Hi there, Thank you we loved it! Had a great time and was so shocked at what we both got for the price of the ticket! Also the wine was beautiful! Thanks so much, - Becci

  • Nick

    Dear Yiannis, We had the most fantastic time, thank you! Everything was perfect - length of tour, delicious pairings and friendly staff. Thank you for making our experience so enjoyable! Best wishes, - Nick

  • Anna

    We had an incredible experience at Boutari winery on our tour in Crete. It is a beautiful facility and the wine was great. Please note that is highly recommend planning ahead to book a tour at this place! - Anna

  • John

    We visited boutari winery with a small group during our stay in Crete and had a great time. The tour was very informative, the staff was friendly, and we enjoyed sampling different wines with delicious simple food. - John

  • Claudia

    The wine tasting and small food was excellent, and the staff could not have been more helpful. - Claudia

  • Adrian

    A very enjoyable experience. We did the wine tour and learned a lot about Greek wine! The local wines were very tasty and the staff was great! - Adrian

  • Lars

    Boutari winery is a fabulous local winery with excellent Greek wines. A definite must visit during your stay in Crete. - Lars

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