Rhous-Tamiolakis Winery

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The Rhous Tamiolakis Estate is located in the village of Houdetsi, 25 km south of Heraklion.

  • Small Group
  • 1-4 Hours
  • Gastronomy (Wine Tastings & Cooking Workshops)

 It belongs to the viticultural VQPRD zone of Peza, the largest of the three wine-producing areas in the Prefecture of Heraklion.

There has never been a better time to go visit a winery in Crete. All over Crete, more wineries than ever are open and eager for you to drop by.

Many of them plan special events during the summer and entire regions now are heavily promoting their wine trails.

Winemakers and winery owners are among the world’s most charming and interesting people, and they often give away samples of their art for free.

Why wouldn’t you go?

This is a family business, whose members have origins, experience, education, and interests in the wine industry. 

The main objective of the Rhous Tamiolakis Estate is the promotion of Cretan vineyards through the use of indigenous varieties. Therefore, the vineyard got an "experimental" character.

Thus, in an area of 5 hectares, many Cretan varieties were planted. For some of them, that tended to disappear, for example, Vidiano and Moschato Spinas, this vineyard has helped in their rescue and enhancement.

Today, these varieties have given samples of exceptional wines, have become known and highly valued at the pan-Hellenic level, while many of them are considered to be future ambassadors of Cretan wine.

The Rhus Tamiolakis Winery produces five Cretan Regional wines and one VQPRD Peza, while the total production does not exceed 50,000 bottles. The aim is to double the production in the years to come. 

The property is incorporated in the Wine Roads of the Prefecture of Heraklion and it is open to the public all year round.

For those who want a wine tasting and learn about winemaking, a wine tasting room is able to accommodate up to 20 people. In summer, the spacious yard and terrace with panoramic views offer a variety of service options for a larger number of people.

The Tour

The tours of the winery include a visit to the vineyard, the winery, and the cellar. The visitor learns about the area here and the production process of wine. Afterward following a tasting of six wines.


- With accompanying neat rusk, the final price is 7 Euros per person.
- With accompanying dakos, local cheese, olives, the final price is 10 Euros per person.


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