Boat Trip to Marmara Beach & Loutro Village

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Boat Trip to Glyka Nera Beach, Marmara Beach & Loutro Village. A wonderful way to discover the unique marble beach of Marmara, where we spend time enjoying the turquoise waters as well as the secluded fishing village of Loutro, with no roads, only accessible by sea.

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Join our half day boat trip and discover south Chania-Crete on another way by sea.

A wonderful way to discover the unique beaches of Glyka Nera and Marmara, where we spend time enjoying the turquoise waters as well as the secluded fishing village of Loutro, with no roads, only accessible by sea!

Loutro is such an incredibly soporific place, where there’s absolutely nothing ( ... almost ) to do but eat, drink, swim and laze - and where you fast lose any desire to do anything else. Loutro evokes some great emotion - produced perhaps by the unique combination of the steep, harsh, rock mountainsides - audibly decorated with the clinking of goat bells - the sun visibly changing the panorama in view as its ark lights different aspects of the slopes forming the bowl - the bay that houses Loutro, the often-warm sea, the history and the people. This magical place.

Marmara or Dialiskari beach, with crystal clear, azure waters is formed at the exit of the stunning Aradaina Gorge. Actually it is am amazing secluded and protected small pebbly bay.  Marmara in Greek means "marbles" and took her name from the soft colorful rocks and sea caves, that consist the most striking feature of the place. Here there's a charming little taverna with authentic Cretan cuisine and maybe one of the best goat in oven or tsigariasto (stewed). 

Glyka Nera or Sweet Water Beach, with deep blue waters color and nice pebbles and fresh water that gushes from the pebbles (therefore the water is even in summer cold, due to the springs). The beach is accessed by boat or on the foot from the E4 European Path from Sfakia Village. In addition. there is a small tavern on a rock and a few tamarisk trees on the beach, offering the imporant shade during the hot summer days. 

Take in the spectacular scenery during this half day trip, available during morning or afternoon hours.

This half day excursion starts and finishes in the port of Chora Sfakion.


Price : 200.00 Euros for 1-4 persons
Price : 250.00 Euros for 5-9 persons

Durattion : approx 5 hours ( 10h00 - 14h00 OR 15h00 - 19h00)

Trip details

Duration: approx. 5hrs * (morning or afternoon hours)
Boats used: BWA (10m/280hp) or Marvel (10m/250hp)
Maximum number of people/boat: 4 (small motorboat) – 9 (RIB) – 19 (Motorboat)
Captain included: Yes
Sunshade available onboard: Yes
Number of beaches visited: 2-3
Suitable for children: Yes
Lunch stop: Yes

Cancellation Policy 

- If you cancel a reservation due to personal reasons up to (not incl) 15 days before reservation date, any paid amount is fully refunded. 
- If you cancel 15 days (incl) or less before reservation date, NO amount is refunded. 
- PLEASE NOTE: For ALL reservations between 15/7 and 15/9 (inclusive) if you cancel due to personal reasons during these dates, NO refund is possible (nomatter the cancellation date). 

Please note 

- If weather conditions are too severe, our partner will judge if it is not possible to provide you with the boat trip.
- Weather conditions are determined 1-4 days before reserved date.
- The reservation date can be modified, depending on availability.
- Please note that weather conditions in the area of Chora Sfakion can be different than in other areas. 


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