Daily Yacht Cruise To Mochlos Fish Village

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Exploring the eastern side of the Mirabello Gulf, visit to the fishing village island of Mohlos.

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No matter how far inland we live, there’s something about the sea that calls to us. It’s wide, deep, blue. It’s a canvas where we can paint adventures we otherwise can’t do on dry land.

A pleasure daily (10.30 - 17.30) yacht cruise to the small fish village of Mochlos in order to spend quality time with family, friends, or coworkers in this day-long cruise in eastern Crete aboard a gorgeous yacht.

During this cruise we are going to explore the eastern side of the Mirabello Gulf, visit the fishing village of Mohlos, enjoying swimming at some of the best blue green beaches of the Eastern part of Mirabello. 

A superb daily yacht cruise in order to enjoy diving from the boat into the crystal clear waters some of the best beaches in Crete, Karavostasi, Voulisma, and Istro.

The Cruise 

We sail from Agios Nikolaos at approximately 09:30 am. We explore every bit of the Eastern Crete Riviera. On the way, we stop at beautiful beaches for a refreshing morning swim in the sea, at midday we pay a visit to the islet of Pseira (sightseeing around the islet). We then go for a swim at the unique pebbled beach of the islet. At 14:00, we rest and have lunch at the picturesque village of Mochlos. We dive into the crystal clear waters and we return around 16:30 pm.

What you will discover

Pseira Island is a small and uninhabited islet just a stone's throw away from the Minoan center of Mochlos. The first excavations at the small Minoan town on the islet of Pseira took place during the first decade of the 20th century. The town was a small settlement during the Late Neolithic period and continued to grow throughout the Minoan period, reaching its highpoint during the Late Minoan period.

Exploring Voulisma bay & Swimming at Voulisma beach. A Cretan beach with thin white sand of exotic color. The white sand gives the water a turquoise color found only on tropical beaches. The main beach is called Voulisma and it is a ‘Blue Flag”-awarded beach and the sea is usually calm and serene.

Islet of Mochlos & Village. Mochlos is a small picturesque fishing village located in the Gulf of Mirabello in eastern Crete, and the archaeological site of an ancient Minoan settlement. There is evidence supporting that Mochlos was not an islet in Minoan times, but was attached to the mainland and served as an eastern harbor. The name Mochlos also applies to the small picturesque fishing village and resort located on the mainland, opposite the islet of Mochlos. Only 150 meters separates them. It is ideal for a quiet getaway, no noise, no pollution, and you can enjoy your meal at perhaps some of the best taverns in Crete overlooking the Minoan site.

Sailing along Eastern Crete Riviera. This extraordinary trip is full of surprises. While sailing by picturesque beaches, secluded rocky coves, and hidden caves you may come across beautiful dolphins, rare turtles, and various types of birds.

The Yacht

Our yacht is a Cranchi 34 Zaffiro (built-in 2007, 11.25 m, berth, 2 cabins, and 1 WC) yacht which, is designed so that the voyager becomes one with the big blue.

Detailed Information

Prices:  1600.00€ per day

Duration: 7 hours (10.30 – 17.30) 

Included: Professional Skipper and Hostess, Champagne, Refreshments and Fruit, Autopilot, Chart plotter, GPS, TV/DVD, Air conditioning, Generator, Wi-Fi, Meal Menu, Drinking water, refreshments, Snorkeling and fishing equipment, Passenger and Yacht insurance, Cleaning, Fuel, 24%VAT

Not included: All passengers should bring their own beach towels. 

What Should I Bring:  Not too much. In Summer you live in your swimwear. But surely you need a sunhat, sunglasses, thin clothing to protect for the sun (daytime) or mosquitoes (evening), sandals and of course your camera. Musical instruments are always welcome during the meal. Do not take with you shoes with black issuing soles.

Facilities:  A warm welcome with champagne and fruits, free water, refreshments, and fruit through the whole journey

Main Course: Meat or fish, Cretan delicacies, salad, dessert

Entertainment: Mask – Flippers for underwater explorations, inflatable Toys for the children and the older ones Every passenger has his own beach towel.

Offers: 5% Early Booking Discount (at least a week before) & 5% OFF for all repeaters guests

Food & Wine Proposals 

We welcome you with a glass of sparkling white wine and an assortment of Cretan in-season fruits.  
Before lunch is served and early in the afternoon, you will enjoy fruit salads with Cretan in-season fruits.   

Main course
…. meat: Mini sticks of pork filet & chicken filet and lamb burgers with BBQ dip
… vegetarian: Stuffed vegetables from “Manolis’ mother” (peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice, onion, and Cretan aromatic herbs)  

All proposals include: 

An assortment of steamed vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beetroots, zucchini, red & green peppers) 
Baked pies
«Greek salad»  with tomato, cucumber, green - red - yellow peppers, onion, Cretan rusk, feta cheese, olives, and pure virgin olive oil sauce with olive oil produced by Manolis’ olive groves, Cretan salt and oregano from the village of Dories 

You may complement your meal with organic wine from “Domaine Zacharioudakis”, beer or refreshments.  

Greek yogurt with various sweet preserves (cherry, fig, sour cherry, pistachio, and bergamot)  
… a couple of shots of homemade Cretan raki, produced by Manolis.


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