Dounias Traditional Cretan Food


There are some "secret" places in Crete that are known just by the locals and of course now ... for our good friends, Crete travellers of family.

This is a tasty trip to nature! 

The idea of Gastronomy Centre Cretan Diet “NTOUNIAS” was born a few years ago when the owner Stelios Trilyrakis – professional cook – then in Chania, decided to live in the village and create his own space in which to revive the flavors knew from his grandmother and mother.

Ntounias Eatery is located in Drakona village on the foot of the unspoiled White Mountains of Chania, at 600 meters altitude and it’s the only place where everything is cooked using fire stoves and all ingredients come from local producers and Stelios’s farm and garden .... a center of gastronomy and slow food.

The famous Cretan diet, long-known for its health-giving properties, is followed to the letter by the owner Stelios Trilirakis, who uses only locally produced raw materials (vegetables, etc.) and cooks in wood stoves, yes you can see them.

Vegetables, fruits, olives, and virgin olive oil come from the family’s groves, and meat and poultry are sourced from their own farm. Herbs such as oregano, dittany, and chamomile are picked from nearby slopes of the White Mountains, giving a special aroma to traditional dishes such as Greek salad, rabbit casseroles, lamb with honey, and meat dishes with pilaf rice.

Slow food, be prepared to wait, however it worths every minute! Authenticity cannot be judged, it can only be appreciated and supported, what do you think?

Even the view of the trip to get to Ntounias is half of the attraction especially if you are new to Crete. Make sure to leave with enough sunlight to enjoy the mountain road and to enjoy the view from the restaurant. The food is all homegrown and home-cooked and the owner and his husband very proudly tell you of the process they go through for each and are even more proud of their homemade wine and homemade raki (the raki is brilliant).

Please call ahead to let them know you are coming as it is a small place. The food is good, but the magic of the evening is more the ambiance, view, and friendliness of the hosts.

Dounias has been awarded the Quality Label of Cretan Cuisine.

Contact Details 

Dounias, Main Road
Drakona, Crete
Tel: +30 28210 65083

  • Type of Cuisine:
  • Cretan

  • Good for:
  • Child-friendly
    Families with Children
    Local Cuisine
    Outdoor Sitting
    Value for Money

  • Dining options:
  • Dessert
    Late Night


Dounias, Main Road, Drakonas Village, Crete

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  • Offiong

    hidden gem. Lovely slow food: you'll find lamb, goat, chicken and beef. Sooo delicious. Also vegetarian So lovely place and friendly owners. In the mountains, about 40 min from Chania.

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