Chrisostomos Traditional Restaurant


Chrisostomos, this is really a superb place to eat authentic Cretan food in the small picturesque town of Chania.

An award-winning tavern with an oven heated by wood, hand-kneaded bread, and authentic Cretan dishes based on traditional recipes and superb raw materials' quality.

This is an excellent place if you would like to sample well-cooked Cretan food and drink. Starters are great and the main dishes are really excellent. Go early before the good ones are gone. 

Nobody knows lamb better than Cretans and Chrisostomos is one of them and he can cook in many different ways.

A favorite preparation is the lamb tsigariasto which is a traditional dish from the south of Crete where tender pieces of lamb are slowly cooked in their own juices in a clay pot.

Other notable dishes are a goat with local mizithra cheese and grilled lamb chops. As if the meat isn’t tasty enough, every dish is served with a side of fresh-cut potatoes fried in olive oil.

In addition, don't miss to enjoy the Sfakiani pita or Sfakia pie, the sweet pumpkin, potato, and mizithra cheese patty, or the goat cooked in butterfat.

Enjoy steamed Stamnagathi, which is a wild green and served with olive oil and lemon. Fresh, healthy, and delicious.

Or maybe the wild goat tsigariasto with staka cheese served with hot chips. The goat is really tender and flavorful.

And at the end complimentary Loukoumades with Cretan honey, i.e. Greek donuts.

Staff members are very friendly and helpful if there are any questions about the menu.

When in Hania, don't miss dinner here- beautifully prepared Cretan cuisine, excellent service, a few blocks from the touristy waterfront (avoid all restaurants there...).  Sure it's next to a car park but the vibe of the place itself is buzzing.

Chrisostomos Orfanoudakis same owner of one of the best tavernas in south Crete, The Dialiskari Tavern serves choice meat from lambs and goats raised by his family in Sfakia (high from the White Mountains - Lefka Ori) and cheese products produced by the family cheese-diary.

Really a good taverna, homey and uncomplicated food (not too spicy or herby) at reasonable prices, in a basic and equally simple environment.

No touristic – frequented only by locals.

Good for lunch and dinner!

Contact Details

Deukaliona & ikarou, Chania Town
Crete, Greece
Tel : +30.2821057035

  • Type of Cuisine:
  • Creative Cretan

  • Good for:
  • Child-friendly
    Families with Children
    Local Cuisine
    Outdoor Sitting
    Value for Money

  • Dining options:
  • Dessert
    Late Night


Deukaliona & ikarou, Chania Town, Crete

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  • Olha Yanyk

    The best food ever

  • robert

    want to try , arriving may 4th going to go there

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