Dialiskari or Marmara Tavern


Maybe one of the best tavernas in Crete ...

This is the Dialiskari Taverna of Chrisostomos a kind and great host at Marmara or Dialiskari Beach, Loutro, south-western Crete.

This seasonal seaside taverna isn’t easy to get to, but the journey is half the fun.

This beach with crystal clear, azure waters is formed at the exit of the stunning Aradaina Gorge.

It is one of Crete’s most beautiful beaches. There are a few magical sea caves you can swim to. The seabed is rocky and excellent for snorkeling and the beach is open to the southern winds.

There at this pebbly Marmara Beach, there's a charming little taverna with authentic Cretan cuisine and maybe one of the best goat in oven or tsigariasto (stewed).

In addition hand-kneaded bread and authentic Cretan dishes based on traditional recipes and superb raw materials' quality.

This is an excellent place if you would like to sample well-cooked Cretan food and drink. 

Don't miss to enjoy the Sfakiani pita or Sfakia pie, the sweet pumpkin, potato and mizithra cheese patty, or the goat cooked in butterfat. Enjoy steamed Stamnagathi, which is a wild green and served with olive oil and lemon. Fresh, healthy, and delicious. Or maybe the wild goat tsigariasto with staka cheese, served with hot chips. The goat is really tender and flavorsome. And at the end complimentary Loukoumades with Cretan honey, i.e. Greek donuts.

Service is very friendly and helpful if there are any questions or wishes.

Chrisostomos Orfanoudakis same owner of Chrisostomos Restaurant of the best tavernas in Chania serves choice meat from lambs and goats raised by his family in Sfakia (high from White Mountains - Lefka Ori) and cheese products produced by the family cheese-diary.

As there are no roads leading to Marmara beach, access from Chania is possible by private cars and motorbikes or public bus till Chora Sfakion. From Chora Sfakion you can take a boat to Marmara beach.

Alternatively, you can reach Marmara on foot by walking the E4 path. The hike takes about 4 hours.

During the summer months, you can also reach Marmara beach from Loutro by boat which departs at 11.00 and returns at 17.00. The ticket costs about 5€ and the ride takes about 20min. Our Boat Trip to Marmara Beach & Loutro Village could be a great option too. Contact us for more details.

Alternatively, you can reach it in about 1.5 hours by hiking from Loutro.

Please note that if you suffer from fear of heights and vertigo, you should avoid the E4 path.

For experienced hikers, another way to access Marmara beach is by crossing the Aradaina Gorge which takes about 4 hours.

- Please ask us if you would like to overnight at Marmara -Dialiskari Rooms. We know the owner personally so we could inform you about availability and prices. Many thanks!

Contact Details

Marmara Beach
Sfakia, Crete
Tel: +30 6942201456

- Please ask us if you would like to overnight at Marmara -Dialiskari Rooms. We know the owner personally so we could inform you about availability and prices. Many thanks!

  • Type of Cuisine:
  • Cretan

  • Good for:
  • Ambiance
    Families with Children
    Local Cuisine
    Outdoor Sitting
    Scening View
    Value for Money

  • Dining options:
  • Breakfast


Marmara Beach Sfakia, Crete

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  • Giannis / www.cretetravel.com

    Kalispera dear Muriel, I hope you are doing great. Very many thanks for your message. Would you kindly send us your request to [email protected] Many thanks, I am here to help you. Giannis

  • Wampach Muriel

    Hello We are 3 person and we come to crete in September. We want to reserve rooms for 3 persons if it is possible after the 19 of September Do you have romms available? It will be for 2 nights We know your place and we love it Thanks for answering as soon as possible Best regards Wampach Muriel

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