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CreteTravel, Hotels, Moonlight Villas
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Moonlight Villas

Moonlight Villas overlook the blue waters of the Mediterranean ideal for..

Start From € 120
CreteTravel, Hotels, Sitanos Authentic Cretan Stone Farmhouses
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Sitanos Authentic Cretan Stone Farmhouses

Authentic Cretan Stone Farmhouses is a single complex of restored authentic..

Start From € 80
CreteTravel, Hotels, Sitia Bay Hotel
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Sitia Bay Hotel

Sitia Bay is a small apartment hotel, with a pool, by Sitia beach. A good,..

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CreteTravel, Hotels, Stella’s Traditional Apartments & Studios
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Stella’s Traditional Apartments & Studios

Stella’s Traditional Apartments, a real gem in a serene..

Start From € 60
CreteTravel, Hotels, The White Houses Of Crete
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The White Houses Of Crete

Maybe this is your dream.

During a sunny summer morning you wake..

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CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Kirvas
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Villa Kirvas

This ultimate dream Villa offers to the guests a unique seaside..

Start From € 300

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