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CreteTravel, Hotels, Natalia’s Houses
  • 0 review

Natalia’s Houses

Natalia's Houses, charming period apartments in a group of stone houses, in..

Start From € 89
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Afrati
  • 0 review

Villa Afrati

Villa Afrati is a superb traditional 3 bedroom villa located in the outskirts..

Start From € 175
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Chrissi
  • 0 review

Villa Chrissi

Villa Chrissi, at Akrotiri peninsula in west Crete, is a unique luxurious..

Start From € 800
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Imperial - Loutraki Chania
  • 0 review

Villa Imperial - Loutraki Chania

Villa Imperial is a truly stunning 6-bedroom property in the most exclusive..

Start From € 572
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Kronos
  • 0 review

Villa Kronos

Villa Kronos is a brand-new, minimal style stone Villa located on a hillside..

Start From € 300
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Oleander - Akrotiri - Chania
  • 0 review

Villa Oleander - Akrotiri - Chania

Villa Oleander is situated in a hilltop countryside location very close to the..

Start From € 650

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