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CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Afrati
  • 1 review

Villa Afrati

This is your new home ...!

A lovely stone villa with dramatic views..

Start From € 175
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Athermigo
  • 2 reviews

Villa Athermigo

It is an ancient monument, a remarkable example of local, traditional..

Start From € 99
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Chrissi
  • 1 review

Villa Chrissi

An unparalleled scenic location and crisp quality ... just unique.


Start From € 855
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Elvina
  • 1 review

Villa Elvina

The path to heaven is not a secret one.

Villa Elvina is a newly..

Start From € 400
CreteTravel, Hotels, Cristal Marathi - Loutraki Chania
  • 0 review

Cristal Marathi - Loutraki Chania

So beautiful it takes my breath away ...

Cristal Marathi is a truly..

Start From € 876
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Kalliani
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Villa Kalliani

Villa Kalliani is the king of the hill ...

... the villa with its..

Start From € 175

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