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CreteTravel, Hotels, Kouros n’ Kori Villas
  • 0 review

Kouros n’ Kori Villas

There are journeys we must take ...

Kouros n’ Kori are two..

Start From € 190
CreteTravel, Hotels, Listaros Villas
  • 0 review

Listaros Villas

An ideal place for relaxation, with amazing view to the sea, the mountain, and..

Start From € 115
CreteTravel, Hotels, Phaestias Villas
  • 3 reviews

Phaestias Villas

Overlooking the beach of Kommos from above the white-washed yet adobe-rounded..

Start From € 110
CreteTravel, Hotels, Sivas Villas
  • 4 reviews

Sivas Villas

Sivas Villas, these traditional stone village houses are built in 1900 and..

Start From € 90
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Oasis
  • 2 reviews

Villa Oasis

Your home in the small village ...

Villa Oasis is a renovated..

Start From € 99
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Pasiphae
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Villa Pasiphae

Experience the simple rhythms and slow life of a small village in lovely south..

Start From € 105

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