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CreteTravel, Hotels, Hotel Porto Loutro On The Beach
  • 1 review

Hotel Porto Loutro On The Beach

Hotel Porto Loutro on the Beach, sits squarely in the centre of the small..

Start From € 85
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Thetis
  • 0 review

Villa Thetis

Villa Thetis, stunning, peaceful, modern, newly rebuilt family villa (June..

Start From € 225
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Tholos
  • 0 review

Villa Tholos

Villa Tholos, an utterly charming, immaculately restored stone-built house..

Start From € 200
CreteTravel, Hotels, Kouros n’ Kori Villas
  • 0 review

Kouros n’ Kori Villas

Kouros n’ Kori are two independent villas at Kamilari Village in south Crete,..

Start From € 190
CreteTravel, Hotels, Listaros Villas
  • 0 review

Listaros Villas

Listaros Country Villas is outside the village of Listaros in a private..

Start From € 115
CreteTravel, Hotels, Phaestias Villas
  • 0 review

Phaestias Villas

Phaestias Villas, 5 independent villas, 4-6 people each in southern Crete..

Start From € 110

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