Traditional Soap Making -The Whole Universe In A Bar Of Soap

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Traditional Soap Making -The Whole Universe In A Bar Of Soap.

  • Small Group
  • 1-4 Hours
  • Gastronomy (Wine Tastings & Cooking Workshops)
  • History & Culture
  • Agrotourism/Ethnography

Imagine yourself making your own olive oil soap in a small beautiful village of Crete ... seeing the whole universe in a small bar of soap!

A great learning experience for all the family, fascinating for children that become little chemists and leave the workshop with their own soaps, in a quality workshop run by a young passionate lady, specialized in the art of soap and cosmetics making.

A plunge in the 'dizzling' natural essences and the aromas and smooth texture of the best olive oil in the world.

We are going to see natural phenomena: liquid swirling and evaporating thanks to the air and the heat of atoms that exist but remain invisible to our eyes.

What chemical elements exist in the soap? Where can they be found? The olive oil, the nourishing balms, and the aromatic plants. The idea that every successful relationship needs to have chemistry stems from the soap. But we cannot discover the «chemistry» of the soap unless we experiment. Through trial and error, we will acquire the knowledge and share it with you.

At this Workshop, you will get to know the procedure of soap making by hand according to the traditional way using the cold soap making method with olive oil as a base.

We are also going to learn the exotic oils, balms (beurres) essences, natural colorants, plants, and spices that are used in soap making.

The Seminar Step by Step

- A brief history of soap making and its chemical consistency.
- Description of the different stages of soap making, cutting, and maturation of the soaps.
- Introduction to the necessary materials, equipment, and safety measures.
- Presentation of the oils, balms, and other additives (essences, plants, natural colorants, spices, minerals, exfoliants) used in the procedure.
- Description of the procedure for the participants.
- Preparation of the individual equipment, explanations, choice of materials.  
- Questions - discussion.
- Making the soap. At this stage, each person will make their own soap under the direction of the people responsible for the workshop. The soaps will then be put into special boxes and will be given to the participants.
- Discussion of the results of the seminar.
- Notes about the different stages of soap making will be given to all participants.
- At the end of the seminar we are expected to tidy up before we leave.


From 1 to 8 people 155 Euros divided by all the participants
Note: THIS TRIP IS A PRIVATE EXCURSION * Discount for children is not applicable on this particular trip.
Suitable for children over 6 years old


- An experienced chemist
- Tea & coffee and traditional treats
- Water (1 lt)
- Third Party Liability
- Taxes

Not included

- Transport from/to your accommodation (upon request)
- Beverages and drinks
- Personal expenses & tips
- Anything not mentioned above


2 hours 


The workshop takes place in a village located 18 km south of Heraklion. It is an agricultural village built on a hill in the middle of vineyards and olive groves. The route is short, easy and enchanting as in just 15 minutes the visitor leaves an urban landscape and finds himself in a village from another time.




English, German
Note: For other languages, the possibility to have a translator, with a supplement.


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