Guided Organic Wine Tasting At Domaine Paterianakis

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Domaine Paterianakis is a pioneer in wine production from organic farming grapes on Crete. In the Paterianaki domaine you are given a unique opportunity to combine excellent wines organic farming with activities within the estate. Don't miss it.

  • Small Group
  • 1-4 Hours
  • Gastronomy (Wine Tastings & Cooking Workshops)

Taste some of the best organic wines of Crete accompanied by original gastronomic selections at Paterianakis Winery specially designed reception areas ... bliss! 

Discover one of the most innovative wineries located in a fascinating environment in mainland of Crete, where making top quality organic wines.

Based in Melesses, Heraklion, within the Peza Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) zone, 15km away from Knossos Minoan Palace. and with a different outlook on growth, Domaine Paterianakis produces strong character bio wines with great respect to the environment and its guests, since 1988.

It is a pioneer in wine production from organic farming grapes on Crete. All the indigenous and rare grape varieties at the vineyards were preserved and gradually more were added with respect to local ground and climate conditions and always according to the principles of the organic farming and to the protection of the environment. 

The winery is designed in different levels in order to use gravity for the production processes and to avoid artificial pressures that damage the stum. Additionally, the smooth pressures of spirit press machines, the underground maturing cellars in stable temperatures, the ideal bottling conditions with lack of oxygen and the proper storage of the bottles in an underground bottle cellar are guaranteeing for high quality products. In the last two years, the winery have added a new family of natural wines to its collection which do not contain sulphites, along with an original line of organic spirits following in its organic tradition.

Some great guided tours around the vineyard and to the total wine production procedure, as well as wine tasting and educational courses at the specially designed places are offered. 

Tour Options


1 Guided wine-tasting with 5 different select domaine wines

Terroir Tasting 45 min :                10 Euros 
Package C 1 hour :                      16 Euros 
Light Lunch Tasting 2,5 hours :    36 Euros 
Lunch Tasting 2,5 hours :             62 Euros





Terroir Tasting
45 min

Premium Tasting
1 hour

Package C
1 hour

Light Lunch Tasting
2,5 hours

Lunch Tasting
2,5 hours

Guided wine-tasting with 5 different select domaine wines






Guided wine-tasting 7 different select domaine wines including our most limited production wines






Guided tasting of the estate’s tsikoudia pomace brandy and a virgin olive oil






Accompany the tasting with a platter of selected Cretan cheeses and deli meats






Accompany the tasting with 5 dishes of the day, paired with your choice of wines






Lunch / dinner service in a specially designed space accompanied by the customer's favourite wine







10 Euros 

15 Euros 

16 Euros 

36 Euros 

62 Euros 



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