Ceramic Workshops In Pottery Village Margarites - Rethimno - Crete

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Ceramic Workshops In Pottery Village Margarites - Rethimno/Rethymno - Crete.

  • Small Group
  • 1-4 Hours
  • Ceramic Workshops
  • Cretan Villages
  • Agrotourism/Ethnography

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
- Thomas Merton

This great Studio offers the possibility to book mini-workshops with programs: wheel throwing, hand building, pottery decoration for beginners and intermediate, and a children's course too.

Pottery is one of the oldest arts developed in Crete from 3000 BC first Minoan times and is associated with the creation of products based on the four elements of nature: earth, water, air, and fire.

Especially, the village of Margarites consist is the most important and well-known pottery center in Crete. In the area, there are plenty of clay deposits which explain the long occupation of the residents with this art. It is located in the scenic, green rolling hills at the foothills of Psiloritis. The traditional settlement with some extraordinary architecture and lovely narrow winding streets. Surrounded by two parallel gorges with rich flora, aromatic plants, trees, herbs, and flowers.

Of course, we know that you are dreaming about summertime and everything is about the sea and sun and the beach. 

But in case you feel the need for a short runaway to the mountains with good company, perfect food, afternoon walks, and generally slow life, and of course, if you would love to have this special touch with clay – here we go: private clay seminars in one of the best studios in Margarites Village, that stands out of the crowd, with two passionate ceramic arts and lovely owners Emma and Aris.

The studio is based in this lovely pottery village 25 km southeast away from Rethymno with nice walking paths, a monastery, and local tavernas. Nearby archeological site Eleftherna also with spectacular walks and the Arkadi monastery with an interesting story.

The studio offers beginner & intermediate practice-based hand-building courses that could be adapted to everyone's needs and interests.
Designed to learn about local materials, Margarites village traditions for ceramics, traditional techniques & shapes, Knossos pottery, Cretan civilization pottery, and its influences nowadays. Ceramics is important for Crete island's development, to improve hand-building skills & experience. Children improve imagination, creativity, developing fine motor skills

Single sessions for individuals interested in a single sample experience in clay or a Few days/week sessions for individuals interested to develop their skills and go through all pottery stages including preparing clay, decorating, glazing, loading kiln, and firing.

In case you need help with your accommodation, our nearby Kapsaliana Village Hotel could be just a unique holiday experience.

Individual Short Wheel Throwing or Hand Building Session

Beginner / Intermediate Level
1.5 hours program
Adults only (from 16 years old)

meeting clay: hands-on training, theory, and demonstration of basic pottery techniques.
Proper use of the pottery wheel: centering clay on the wheel

Summary :
- Cost: 45.00 Euros per person
             50.00 Euros per person in case of an individual 

- ​​​​​​Daily flexible - depending on availability
- Duration – 1.5 hours
- Participants: 2 Adults (age 16+)
- Designed to improve wheel-throwing or hand-building skills
- Includes: individual tutoring / not limited to local terracotta body clay/ basic tools / first bisque firing
- Participants can choose pieces that will be fired (biscuit firing including. Second firing with glaze is an extra charge)
- Extra price for fired object shipping if needed.


Family & Children Program - PlayCLAY - Hand Building Workshop

1 h program
Age from 4 to 16 years old

meeting clay: understanding plasticity and material. Hand building introduction: slab rolling, clay cutting, writing on clay, hand forming and working with mould.

Summary :
Price: 35.00 Euros per person
- Duration – 1 hour
- Participants: 1-5 people
- Includes: not limited to local terracotta body clay/ basic tools / first bisque firing
- Designed to improve creativity & fine motor skills
- Basic tools available
- Extra price for fired object shipping, if needed

Please NOTE:
- Glazing is not included in the price. It is an extra 5.00 euro charge per glazed item 
- Due to the nature of clay, all made ceramics before firing need to dry. It might take from 1 to 3 days + firing and cooling down takes 24 hours. If participants are unable to collect ready ceramics-there is the possibility to ship them (extra shipping charge)
- Children in PlayClay classes can be accompanied by one relative that will observe the workshop. If relatives want to work with clay in the workshop together with the children, there is 35 euro charge per person extra

PLEASE NOTE: by completing the below form, inform us of which one of the above workshops you will be interested in. 


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Reviews ( 6 )

  • Efrat

    Hi Yiannis, Yes. It was great. Thanks

  • Hannah

    "Hi Yiannis, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you! My mom and I had a wonderful time at the workshop -- Aris and Ema were so friendly and we enjoyed learning the history of pottery as well as learning at the wheel from Aris. We made a few items and they will ship them to us in the states so we look forward to seeing our creations in person. Overall, the experience was better than we expected and would highly recommend for others interested. Thank you for checking in!" - Hannah

  • Attassa

    Hi Yiannis! How are you? My experience in the ceramic studio was better than I expected. I think this space was the most modern of all in Margarites and the owners were very kind. I would like to repeat it if I returned to Crete some day. Thanks you for everything! Warmly, - Attassa

  • Julia

    Thank you, Yiannis - we are just back home after our lovely week in Crete. We had a great time at the pottery workshop - couldn't have been better. We made a lot of pots! But unfortunately, couldn't bring them all home. Never mind. We really enjoyed the experience. Thank you for organising it. Everything went perfectly. Thank you again - Julia

  • Yiannis

    Good morning, it was a lot better than I expected. Aris and Emma are amazing and I will return next year. Nothing to improve. Absolutely perfect. Best regards, - Yannis

  • Luke C.

    Hi Yiannis, It was really great, really enjoyed it thank you! EMA and Aris were really nice and helpful during the workshop! We will definitely look at doing it again when we are next in Crete. Thanks, Luke

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