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CreteTravel, Hotels, Kastellos Village Houses
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Kastellos Village Houses

Kastellos Village is two restored houses dating from 1910, near the Lake of..

Start From € 65
CreteTravel, Hotels, Country Hotel Velani
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Country Hotel Velani

Country Hotel Velani lying serenely next to the village of Avdou, in a rural..

Start From € 60
CreteTravel, Hotels, Eleonas Traditional Cottages
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Eleonas Traditional Cottages

Zaros mountainside bungalow apartments with spacious gardens, 2 pools & a..

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CreteTravel, Hotels, Thalori Traditional Village
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Thalori Traditional Village

Thalori Traditional Village is a unique recreated old village with traditional..

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CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Margarita
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Villa Margarita

Villa Margarita is a unique residence of superior design & construction..

Start From € 295
CreteTravel, Hotels, Delina Mountain Resort
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Delina Mountain Resort

Delina Mountain Resort is a modern complex that consists of 13 rooms, and is..

Start From € 55

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