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CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Kerasia Inn
  • 4 review

Villa Kerasia Inn

Beautiful countryside inn with pool. Villa Kerasia Hotel, just 20-25 minutes from Heraklion..

Start From € 75
CreteTravel, Hotels, Agrielia Cretan House
  • 4 review

Agrielia Cretan House

Agrielia Cretan House, a two storey house, at Sgourokefali Village nearby Heraklion town and..

Start From € 161
CreteTravel, Hotels, Aquila Atlantis Hotel
  • 4 review

Aquila Atlantis Hotel

Aquila Atlantis Hotel, is Heraklion's largest luxury hotel. Located in the heart of Iraklion city..

Start From € 65
CreteTravel, Hotels, Asion Lithos Traditional Stone Houses
  • 4 review

Asion Lithos Traditional Stone Houses

Asion Lithos Houses, three traditional solid stone houses in a charming inland village of Kato..

Start From € 65
CreteTravel, Hotels, Aspalathos Villa
  • 4 review

Aspalathos Villa

Aspalathos Villa, a gorgeous and stylish Villa, with five bedrooms, with stunning sea views and a..

Start From € 450
CreteTravel, Hotels, Atrion Hotel
  • 4 review

Atrion Hotel

Atrion hotel located at a quiet corner in the heart of Heraklion, a short walk from the Historical..

Start From € 55

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