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CreteTravel, Hotels, Casa Blue Villa
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Casa Blue Villa

Casa Blue Villa, modern and tastefully furnished, gorgeous and stylish,..

Start From € 280
CreteTravel, Hotels, Eliathos Residence Houses
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Eliathos Residence Houses

Eliathos Residence Houses is a building complex at a unique destination of..

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CreteTravel, Hotels, Scalani Hills Boutari Winery & Residences
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Scalani Hills Boutari Winery & Residences

Scalani Hills Boutari Winery & Residences is a perfect escape for wine lovers,..

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CreteTravel, Hotels, Thomais Resort-Residences
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Thomais Resort-Residences

Thomais Resort Residences, nestled conveniently on the foot of the mountain..

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CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Kamilari
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Villa Kamilari

Villa Kamilari is fitted in between attractive house just off the village..

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CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Malvazia - Keramoutsi - Crete
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Villa Malvazia - Keramoutsi - Crete

Villa Malvazia is located in Keramoutsi, a small village near Heraklion the..

Start From € 295

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