International Chess Tournament of Paleochora Village


The Paleochora Open (International Chess Tournament of Paleochora Village) is a wonderful event with a very decent prize fund (EUR €7,000) and a strong field of players (15 GMs and 15 IMs in the 2017 edition).

This event, become so popular, on one of the southern-most points of Europe, after a visit by GM Krum Georgiev for a simultaneous exhibition against some of the youngsters of the town.

The Mayor of Paleochora saw this spectacle and was fascinated by it so he decided that Paleochora should host a huge event. 

The tournament hall is in the center of Paleochora and the analysis room is the street right outside it!

Around 15 chessboards are laid out and anyone could sit down and play a game of chess or watch a grandmaster analyzing!

What a nice way to popularize the game.

It is no coincidence that during this special day several players come from Chania, just to participate in this league, and the main road literally floods with chess players and spectators.

Despite the late hour - the tournament starts at 11:00 pm and ends at 2 am - 33 teams participated this year, consisting of 175 chess players.

Excess of fun, entertainment, relaxation, and many smart slogans accompanied by sweets and snacks (sponsored Patisserie Karakatsani) for all participants are some of the characteristics of this evening.

Paleochora is a finger of land juts into the Libyan sea, sporting a pebble and rock beach to the east and extensive sandy beach on its west side. Wonderful cafes with individual styles and atmosphere; to a vegetarian restaurant or one late afternoon perch with an eagle's eye view across the beach, to the numerous tavernas.

A friendly place to be. Also, a point to set sail to the southernmost island of Gavdos from, go whale or dolphin watching.

Walking and hiking in South Chania is by far one of the best activities to do when in Paleochora, your ideal place to stay in your walking and hiking holidays. There are numerous trails all over the area with a large variety, regarding both natural surroundings and level of difficulty but maybe the highlights are the numerous gorges that have been carved in the mountains by the rivers and streams through the centuries. In fact, South Chania is also known as “the area of gorges” with plenty of picturesque gorges even for the most experienced hikers.

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