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Roustika is a village in central Rethimnon, Crete is a village which maintains some aspects of traditional village architecture and traces of its venetian past. In the village, there are famous monasteries and churches and many other sights to enjoy.

Roustika is a small, picturesque, traditional village with great architecture and trances of its venetian past in central Rethimnon, Crete.

The name Roustika comes from the Latin word Rustikus.

It is traditional settlement and is classified in Class II, that is of average cultural value (Government Gazette 728/21-9-1995). In 2005 Roustika was awarded as a "'clean and organized traditional community”.


What to see & do

In the village, there is the famous monastery dedicated to the prophet Elijah (“Profitis Ilias), built in 1200, as well as the Church of Panagia, dedicated to the Holly Mother, which was built in 1100.

The Monastery of Prophet Elijah (Profitis Elias) is built above a hill with panoramic views, 20km south of Rethymno, next to Roustika village. It is a relatively unknown monastery throughout Crete, although it was founded in the Venetian Era and belongs to the most historic convents of the island.

The monastery was destroyed several times by the Turks, the last time being during the revolution of 1866, and participated actively in the struggle against the Turkish rule. Thus, the buildings of the monastery, apart from the temple, were built in their current form after 1866. Moreover, the contribution of Profitis Ilias to the preservation of Cretan history is enormous, since it housed the Historical Archive of Crete during the German Occupation.Although Roustika is a pole of attraction for tourists, it maintains its traditional character at the same time.

Panagia Church at pedestrian road is a place where you can admire some very rare frescoes. The church has been characterised as an historical, sacred monument. Moreover, there lies the museum of traditional costumes, where costumes from all over Greece are exhibited.

Spiritual - Cultural Center Anestis and Manolis Anagnostakis (private collection): Manolis Anagnostakis was a poet, one of the leading poets of the first postwar generation with origin from Roustika, the birthplace of his father. The Spiritual - cultural center Anestis and Manolis Anagnostakis is housed in the family home, which was donated to the community of Roustika by the poet himself.

The Museum of Traditional Greek costumes Kate & Andreas Fragkiadaki housed in Roustika Melathron.

Roustika is ideal for mountain - biking and mountaineering through superb gorges of abundant vegetation and the European track E4. 

There are some excellent short routes (15-30 min. by car) such as the ancient town of Lappa, Argiroupolis, the lake Kournas, Moundros, all of which are of unique natural beauty.

During the summer, many traditional festivals take place in the nearby regions. Our guests have the opportunity to experience traditional Cretan music and dancing.


How to get there

By Air : From May through mid-October there are direct charter flights to Chania and, more frequently, to the capital Heraklion. Tickets can be bought in advance for almost all flights via our partner website.

By Sea : The journey is the thing". A superb way of enjoying the journey to Crete is to fly to Athens and take the ferry from Piraeus (Pireas) - the port serving Athens. A still-romantic way to travel by the overnight ferry from Piraeus to Chania-Souda port or Heraklion Port. Tickets can be bought in advance for all ferries via our website.

By Car : If you want to explore the region while you're here, we recommend that you rent a car, other means of transport are limited and/or infrequent. We suggest our sister website (, which offers competitive prices and you can collect your car at either airport.

By Taxi: Book your taxi transfer online easily and safely from the airport or port to any location via our website.


Where to stay

Abelos Villa is ideal for families or friends, recommended for high-standard, peaceful and relaxing holidays both in the winter and in the summer.

Car rental is strongly recommended during your stay at Roustika Village.


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