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CreteTravel, Hotels, Alcanea Boutique Hotel - Chania
  • 2 reviews

Alcanea Boutique Hotel - Chania

Alcanea Boutique Hotel, is one of the best small, boutique hotels in the Old..

Start From € 75
CreteTravel, Hotels, Casa Delfino Hotel & Spa
  • 4 reviews

Casa Delfino Hotel & Spa

Casa Delfino Hotel, first-class suites at a Venetian Mansion.

A gem..

Start From € 127
CreteTravel, Hotels, Elia Fatma Hanoum Boutique Hotel - Chania
  • 0 review

Elia Fatma Hanoum Boutique Hotel - Chania

Elia Fatma Hanoum Boutique Hotel, a historical mansion harmoniously combining..

Start From € 65
CreteTravel, Hotels, Mama Nena Charming Hotel
  • 5 reviews

Mama Nena Charming Hotel

View is everything ...

A great place located at the waterfront of..

Start From € 110
CreteTravel, Hotels, Pandora Suites
  • 4 reviews

Pandora Suites

The pensione experience, Pandora Suites is a small, straightforward hotel,..

Start From € 65
CreteTravel, Hotels, Porto Del Colombo
  • 4 reviews

Porto Del Colombo

Porto del Colombo Hotel, a 600 year old building, converted to a comfortable..

Start From € 50

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