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Winter In Crete - Rouvas Forest

... colorful, amazing nature at Rouvas Forest!

Rouvas Forest at Zaros Village is an ecosystem with rich flora and fauna, smaller canyons and interesting geological formations and cliffs of rare beauty. It has a total length of 4 km with 2,7km being well-shaped by the Forest Service for soft activities such as hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, naturalism and observation of wildlife in a truly unique environment.

Crete in winter ... "Out of season" and "off-season" the right time to...

The Beach of Seitan Limania - Chania Crete

The great and well known beach of Seitan Limania or Stefanou Beach is located in the northeast side of Chania, just 20 km from the city center.

The name is Turkish and the beach is named after the dangerousness of the tides of the area. The beach is also named as the Devilport.

The breathtaking scenery with the steep rocks, the wild beauty of nature, the sky calm blue waters and the pebble-sand make it just an amazing beach, maybe one of the best in Crete.

If you prefer to enjoy the...

Daily Sailing Trip In Chania - Crete

Sailing Trip in Chania, Crete ... sea breezes, a dramatic shoreline, secret beaches, more than 300 days of sunshine per year and some of the Mediterranean's clearest waters make Crete a real paradise for sailing.

Consider a sailing private tour to explore areas of shore and small islands not accessible in any other way, a sunny Summer day spent on the water soaking up the Mediterranean sun, swimming, and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

Join our memorable sailing experience, that...

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Four New Activities In Rethymno Region

We are pleased to welcome four new activities in Rethymno region.

We love our guests and we glad to offer you just the best.

1. Daily Birdwatching Trip Around Crete 

2. Discover The Unknown Paradise Of The Amari Valley

3. Guided Walk Through The Platania Gorge In Amari Valley 

4. Follow The Landscape Of Crete - A 7-Day Tailor – Made Walking Tour 

We are here to help you!

Do well, be well, enjoy your life!

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Cretan Honey and Its Miraculous Health Benefits

Cretan honey is famed all over the world for its unique flavor, but also for its miraculous health benefits.

Traditional honey produced on the island is raw and unfiltered, an all-natural product with distinctive, pure taste.

It is cherished in most Cretan homes and consumed raw incorporated in traditional recipes like pies and cakes, but also in savory dishes.

Notably, the Cretan thyme "thymari" (θυμάρι) honey is the “liquid gold” among all raw honey produced on the island.

Look for...

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Chania Activities - Crete - Places, Faces & Flavours

One of our superb activities in Chania region is the "Crete - Places, Faces & Flavours".

Thsi is a small group tour to the Cretan villages starting from Chania's town in Crete, a great way to explore Crete, meet locals and enjoy delicious and healthy Cretan food.

Explore more : Crete - Places, Faces & Flavours

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Crete Welcomes Approval of First Diving Park

The first diving park complete with shipwrecks and 38 artificial reefs to operate on the island of Crete, was given the green light by the region’s Environment and Spatial Planning Committee.

Under the supervision of the Apokoronas Municipality, Chania, the marine park is set to operate in the coastal area of Bros Gialos Bay, outside the protected Natura 2000 area.

The 15-acre park, designed to accommodate large groups or individual divers on three 20-meter-deep routes, will operate...

Things To Do In Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and absolutely you’ll find plenty of things to do.

Crete’s broad appeal makes it ideal for any holiday type – whether you’re seeking family fun, incredible outdoor pursuits or a flavour of authentic Greece.

There’s no doubt that it’s the Mediterranean climate, glorious coastline and idyllic blue waters that attract people – making Crete ideal for beach holidays.

But beyond all above, in Crete you will discover a great deal of hidden gems that...

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Photo of Day : Crete You Have Amazing Beaches

The idyllic beach with the huge, impressive sand dunes of Agios Pavlos in South Rethimno.

More Crete here!

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Photo Of The Day : Cretan Honey & Olive Oil Flagships Of Cretan Agro Products

Honey along with olive oil are probably the flagships of Cretan agro products!

Don't miss to taste and buy both of them during your next stay in superb Crete.

Our activties relating with honey and olive oil below :

- Pay a visit to Koronekes Olive Mill nearby Knossos Minoan Palace and Heraklion Town

- Artisan Olive Oil Soap Workshop in Chania Region

A Local Apiary & Bee-garden Visit

Beekeeping and Honey Making - Discover The Mystic World Of Honeybees

We are here to help you!