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Tours, Tastings, Events - Manousakis Winery - Guest Review

We Love Our Guests! 

G'day Yiannis, Thank you for your follow up email, everything about our trip to the winery was perfect. The hosts there were wonderful, the day was perfect, and as you can see from the photo of our little group the lunch, and the wine were delicious. It was a thoroughly wonderful experience. We hope to get back to Greece again in the coming years, and if we do we will certainly look for things to do on your website.
All the very best, and thanks again.

Bio Wine, A Great Winery, Amazing Wine Tasting Tours

Bio wine, a great winery, amazing wine tasting tours ... we know the place.

Visit Manousakis Winery to taste our organic Nostos Wines, see the beautiful vineyards, eat lunch or dinner at the restaurant, take a cooking class, and more!

You could have a choice between five different tour options.

Learn more: Tours, Tastings, Events - Manousakis Winery

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The Wine Regions of Greece (Maps)

This in-depth guide identifies the most important wines of Greece and where they grow.

Use the map [ ]  to learn more about the modern wines of Greece.

Enjoy and next time in Crete don't forget to visit one of the great wineries.

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Manousakis Winery - Harvest Report 2017

Please find below the most interesting harvest report for 2017 by Manousakis Winery.

Harvest done.

"The last vintages in Crete are characterized by their diversity, leading us constantly to new challenges." That was the first sentence of the 2016 harvest report, and we couldn't think of anything more appropriate for the 2017 vintage!

After a very dry 2016, plenty of rain fell during the autumn months. The cold and humid first months of the year, alongside the unprecedented- for our...

Manousakis Winery - Harvest Report 2016

Enjoy below a great post by our good partner, Manousakis Winery about the harvest report of 2106.

The past few vintages in Crete are characterized by dramatic weather inconsistencies, having us constantly face new and intriguing challenges. After a wet and cold 2015, we experienced a very dry 2016. Winter brought us some feeble rainfalls, which ended after March. This resulted in one of the driest years of the past decade. Although this may sound a bit dreary, this"drought" actually...

Music Nights At Manousakis Winery - Vatolakos Chania Crete

Join Manousakis Winery for the opening of its summer art exhibition entitled TRANSFORMATIONS featuring works by New York artist, Barbara Knight on July 3rd, 19.30 - 22.30.

Barbara up-cycles the banal function of cardboard that is shipped around the world by transforming it into a metaphysical experience of art.

Visit this fascinating exhibit and then make sure to stick around with more summer music nights!

Internationally acclaimed vocalist Margarita Cox and world-renowned...

We Love Our Guests

We love our guests ... 
(it seems that they love us too)

Kalimera Yiannis,
It was a long and beautiful day.
Everything was fine and just like I expected.
Our guide with the Land Rover was the perfect guide, told us many interesting things and make us laugh.
We use the opportunity to take a look at the Chania Old Town. It is a very good place too and I suppose that it will be our next choice when we come back.
We are leaving today and I want to thank you for your cooperation....