Sea Kayaking - Level 2 Sea Kayak Course

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Sea Kayaking Private Sessions - Level 2 Sea Kayak Course. There’s no better way to quickly improve your paddling skills than a private kayak lesson with BCU certified kayak instructors. When it comes to improving your paddling, these lessons can’t be beat. There’s no better way to quickly improve your paddling skills than a private kayak lesson with BCU certified kayak instructors.

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  • Sea Kayak

Level 2 Sea Kayak Course, there’s no better way to quickly improve your paddling skills than a private kayak lesson with BCU certified kayak instructors.

Come with a list of skills you want to work on, or just come with the goal of improving your skills and confidence on the water.

Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate has the personal skill level to paddle single or multi-day journeys in a moderate water environment with winds not exceeding Beaufort Force 5.

The Level 2 course has the skills and judgement to select appropriate environments for paddlers with a range of experience.

Suited to paddlers who have begun to learn (but not necessarily mastered) bracing, rescue techniques, paddling in adverse conditions and are ready to push themselves a bit further. Boat readiness, paddling in wind, waves, and confused seas, and rock gardens as well as launching and coming ashore in moderate surf & rough water safety and rescues will be emphasized in this course. In the meantime, we will enjoy the spectacular and varied shoreline of Crete.

Class size will be limited to 4 in order to maximize personal instruction and safety.


Detailed Information

Cost: 300€ per person. 50€ discount if you have your own boat and gear.

Duration: The course take place 3 days, starting around 10 am and finish about 4 pm.

Location: Depending the weather, usually starting from Ligaria bay heading towards Mades or Fodele until we find decent waves. Sea state 4 is very common in the area so the chances of not finding proper rough conditions are very little. If that is the case will try to choose a different location. We will send you by email the exact meeting spot and time a few days before the course.


Book a private session now!  Send us an e-mail, when you have some dates in mind to check for availability, along with any other questions you may have.  All e-mails are answered promptly, usually within 24 hours.


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