Daily Yacht Cruise In Chania, Crete

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An amazing daily yacht cruise in Chania, Crete to enjoy the sun and the sea and of course explore every bit of Balos Lagoon - Gramvousa Island.

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A great daily (10.00 - 17.30) yacht cruise at one of the most well-known areas in Crete,  in order to spend quality time with family, friends, or coworkers in this day-long cruise in western Crete aboard a gorgeous yacht.

You will dive into the crystal clear water of Balos Lagoon, rest in this amazing beach or visit Gramvsousa's castle and enjoy panoramic views, visiting Thodorou island with its wild animals.

Balos Lagoon is one of the most enchanting beaches in Greece and in the world and is a protected natural area, a tropical lagoon with white and pink sand with seashells! The blue shallow waters are crystal clear and warm, making your swim a memorable experience.

Gramvousa island is a small uninhabited island, which used to be a hide-out for pirates, offers a beautiful beach and snorkeling area, together with a chance for a visit to the remnants of a Venetian Castle located at the top of the island.

The Trip

The Old Venetian Harbour of Chania is our starting point, embarking at 10.00 am and with a speed of 20-25 knots we sail for an hour and a half to the crystal blue waters of Balos Lagoon - Beach.

The blue lagoon of Balos is truly amazing – warm waters, crystal clear aquamarine sea, and soft pale sand. If you combined it with a visit to the ruined Venetian castle on the island of Gramvousa all make for an unforgettable day in an exotic location. Natural beauty and history are well combined in a relaxing day out for all the family to enjoy. Whoever decides to walk up the small path leading to the top of the island, he/she will be amazed by the stunning view of the castle and the breathtaking outlook towards the west. The castle was built by the Venetians on the edge of the cliff and was later conquered by the notorious Barba Rossa who turned Gramvousa into a pirate village. The legend says that the treasure of the pirate is still buried somewhere on the island.

Back to our boat, and our great captain will have prepared a light snack with wine, beer, or refreshments that will cool you off from all the walking.

Next stop: Thodorou, the island of wild animals. An opportunity to observe the Cretan wild goat, a rare and protected specimen of wild goat. The Thodorou Islands once guarded Crete against her enemies, but now they protect the Cretan Ibex from its own enemies, the hunters who would love to add the famous Kri-Kri, the wild goat of Crete, to their trophies. The wild goats were moved to Thodorou from the mountains of Crete, to allow them to breed in peace, far from poachers and other dangers. In order to protect the Cretan ibex or kri-kri, the state declared Thodorou a National Park and banned any human presence and activity there. About 80 ibexes are now thought to live on the island, protected by a special guard. Time for some relaxation and swimming before the captain heads to the East.

In a few minutes, the Lighthouse of the old Harbour offers unique opportunities for some pictures of the old town from a different angle. The harbor is whispering and welcomes us back to its calm waters.

Our great tour finishes at around 17.30 pm with our minds and souls in absolute tranquility.

Please note for this kind of trip we can also offer you shorter cruises to closer destinations, upon request.

The Yacht 

The yacht is a Ferretti 50 feet and double-engine (435hp each) boat, with a 20+m/ per hour cruise speed.


- 2150 € per day / tour ( 3-4 people)
- 2250 € per day / tour ( 5-8 people)
- 2500 € per day / tour ( 9-11 people)


 - A light snack with wine, beer, and refreshments
- Entertainment Mask & Flippers for underwater explorations, inflatable Toys for the children and the older ones
- Every passenger has his own beach towel.
- Skipper
- Autopilot
- Chart plotter
- Air conditioning
- Generator
- Snorkeling equipment
- Yacht insurance and cleaning
- Fuel
- V.A.T.


7 hours (10.00 – 17.30) 

What Should I Bring

- Not too much. In Summer you live in your swimwear.
- But surely you need a sunhat, sunglasses, thin clothing to protect yourself from the sun (daytime) or mosquitoes (evening), sandals and of course your camera.
- Do not take with you shoes with black issuing soles.


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