A great Hiking Route nearby Chania, Crete

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Lovely Crete and her imposing mountains promise exciting experiences of hiking, climbing, hang-gliding, crossing of gorges and exploration of caves.

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There are opportunities for riding, mountain biking or even renting a car for explorations beyond the common routes.

If you stay at one of our small selected hotels in or around Chania and you feel active to enjoy a very beautiful part of the unique Crete, then hiking could be the best option.

Agia Triada - Gouverneto - Katholiko

The beautiful Akrotiri lies 10 km northeast of the Venetian harbor of Hania. with great sites as the tombs of Eleftherios and  Sofoklis Venizelos, the airport of Chania, and the port of Souda. 

Akrotiri is a place for people who love nature, with interesting walking and hiking paths through the unspoiled gorges with amazing diversity, natural beauty, and living traditions. 

Its dry climate combined with the sea breeze forms an ideal environment not only for people but also for the farm products which are renowned for their high quality and taste. 

Beyond the beautiful villages and places with a view to Souda Bay and the White mountains, what really impresses the visitors are the unique monasteries scattered all over the peninsula.

Following the road from Chania with directions to the Chania airport, the first stop is at Prophitis Ilias. From here the visitor will see the whole city of Chania, the old harbor, but also the place where the Cretan rebels raised their bodies instead of flags before the eyes of the whole of Europe. On this hill, which hugs the whole gulf of Chania, are the graves of Eleftherios Venizelos and Sofoklis Venizelos.

Heading to the airport quite soon, you will see on your left a sign informing you about the monastery of the Nuns (Kalograion). The monastery is located at Korakies, a beautiful small village that has the flair of past times.

Shortly before the entrance of the airport, if you turn left and follow the signs, you arrive in front of the monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), or the Tsangarolon Monastery of the 17th century. The owners of the monastery, the Venetian brothers Tsangaroloi, chose a place among vineyards and olive groves and built a monastery of impressive size. The entrance of the monastery is amazing, as well as the internal area.

The beautiful, from an architectural view, church, is dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi (The Spring of Life) and to St. John the Theologist. It is worth mentioning that the monastery produces organic products, virgin olive oil, and wine, which are produced in the surrounding. Continue this lovely route and leave the monastery behind and head to the north, crossing a stream. 

After 4 km we see the significant Gouvernetou Monastery. Impressive are the sculptures at the facade of the Katholikon. In front of the enclosure of the Monastery begins an easy downhill path that leads to the cave of Panagia Arkoudiotissa – a cave with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, the most impressive of which resembling a bear drinking water. In the cave, there is also a small church.

Continue walking in the path, after 20 minutes you will see the deserted Katholiko Monastery. An impressive stone-built entrance leads to the enclosure and roof of the monastery, which is in reality a bridge connecting the two sides of the gorge. In the rocks, we can still see small caves in which hermits lived. Through the stream, you reach the sea, where the ruins of a small shipyard are located, in a small bay with deep blue waters.

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Photo : by Anna Maria Texeira


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