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CreteTravel, Hotels, Amygdalia Villas
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Amygdalia Villas

Amygdalia or Amigdalia is a number of luxury villas with unique construction..

Start From € 70
CreteTravel, Hotels, Hotel Plakures
  • 0 review

Hotel Plakures

Hotel Plakures is a good, modern, bright, quality small hotel located in the..

Start From € 102
CreteTravel, Hotels, Milia Traditional Village
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Milia Traditional Village

Milia Mountain Retreat & Eco Hotel, up in the mountains of western Crete in..

Start From € 75
CreteTravel, Hotels, Spilia Village Traditional Hotel & Villas
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Spilia Village Traditional Hotel & Villas

Spilia Village Traditional Hotel & Villas is a quality traditional village..

Start From € 85
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Elvina
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Villa Elvina

Villa Elvina is a newly renovated four-bedroom villa just a few steps, 70..

Start From € 400
CreteTravel, Hotels, Villa Kalliani
  • 0 review

Villa Kalliani

Villa Kalliani is the king of the hill - the villa with its own pool, stands..

Start From € 175

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