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Panoramic View Of Mirabelo Bay & Spinalonga

Summer is loading in our lovely Crete.

Panoramic View Of Mirabelo Bay & Spinalonga Island

Photo by L. Klontzas

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Kalimera from Elounda Village - Summer Is Loading

Our sunny kalimera from superb Elounda Village.

Summer is almost there.

Do well, be well, enjoy your life!

Your team

PS. Photo by Leonidas Klontzas

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Spinalonga Island - Elounda Village Crete

Dear friends & guests,

our best wishes for a glorious weekend ahead ... from Spinalonga Island.

The fascinating Spinalonga Island or just "The Island" according Viktoria's Hislop book.  For decades from 1913, it was a leper colony serving the whole of Greece. Its small inner network of run-down streets and houses, abandoned by Turkish occupants at the end of the previous century, became home to the so-called "living dead".

Hundreds of lepers lived and died here – marooned far from...

Hotel Of Day : Elounda Gulf Villas

Elounda Gulf Villas, a collection of superb luxury villas with wonderful views, private pools, select and elegant interiors at Elounda Village ...

Elounda Gulf Villas, walk into these luxury villas, at Elounda Village, and you know you've arrived at a special place.

Add the essential ingredients of private swimming pools, stunning hillside views overlooking the gulf of Mirabello, all comforts and many special touches.

Now, you want to stay!  

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Spring In Crete - Sunny Days In Kolokitha Peninsula

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn ...

So here we are ...

What a bright, warm, sunny day in Kolokitha Peninsula.

Kolokytha is a small island-peninsula just opposite the historical Spinalonga, 12km north of Agios Nikolaos and close to Elounda Village.

Opposite the island there is the fantastic beach of Agios Loukas, mostly known as Kolokytha.

There is a great beach on Kolokitha and you could access it through Elounda. On the route you will meet the small canal built by...

Elounda Luxury Villas Peace Quiet & Privacy Away From Crowds

Elounda Luxury Villas in Eastern Crete, two beautiful and stylish self-catering villas with three bedrooms sleeping up to 6 people with stunning sea views over Mirabello bay and Spinalonga island, private pools, and a peaceful location above Plaka Village, minutes away from Elounda Village.

An elegant setting with unobstructed sea views, modern facilities, and an inspiring atmosphere which will revive all your senses.

Explore more ...

Book your flights, rent your car and ......

Plaka Village Nearby Elounda Village & Elounda Luxury Villas

The small, charming village of Plaka and our two beautiful and stylish Elounda Luxury Villas ... a stunning combination!

Explore more!

Harry up and send us your request through our website.

Book your flights, rent your car and ... wishing you a splendid holiday in unique, lovely Crete.

Happy Travels,

Your Team

Crete and Spinalonga Island

Daily Mail writer Helen Atkinson may describe Spinalonga, the Greek island off Crete, as a “tiny speck”, but she’s quick to point out that if you’re into history and fiction then this is the place to visit.

Exploring history and heartbreak: Stepping into the Cretan world of Victoria Hislop's novel The Island (and the chilling Spinalonga leper colony) Spinalonga is the tiny island speck at the heart of the author's haunting story about a leper colony in the 1930s Take an hour-long...

Opening Date Of Elounda Gulf & Suites 2016

“Next year I won't wait so long to come back!"

If your are wondering who wrote it to us of our last guests at Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites.

Therefore, we are please to inform you that Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites will open on the 25th of March 2016.

Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites located at Elounda Village, once a picturesque fishing village in lovely Mirabello Bay and nowadays is an ideal destination for people who want a seaside holiday in a place which is neither too...

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Elounda Villa at Elounda Village in Crete

A superb, secluded villa with its unique quiet beach and the exquisite and invigorating sea view of Mirabello bay located just  few steps from the sea shore of Elounda Village on the road to Plaka Village.

We are happy to introduce you our new add on

Elounda Villa offers a true feeling of serenity, privacy and exclusivity in one of the most cosmopolitan and world-wide famous places, Elounda of Crete.

A perfect destination for families, couples, newly-wed or a...