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Let Your Dreams Set Sail ...

Let your dreams set sail ...

We are glad to announce that  some amazing sailing cruises in south Crete (Sfakia, Agios Pavlos Beach, Glyka Nera, Marmara, Loutro, Gavdos Island etc.) are coming soon on

Stay tuned.

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea - Lefka Ori Hotel Sfakia Village

Welcome to our small family Lefka Ori Hotel - Sfakia Village.

Lefka Ori Hotel is located right above the old harbor of Sfakia Village, a small family-run hotel with a traditional tavern serving delicious local food, stunning sea & mountain views, warm and authentic hospitality, great value for money, a mix of modern and traditional elements to create a harmonious place both relaxed and timeless that truly feels like home.

Explore more :  Lefka Ori Hotel - Sfakia Village...

Best Activities South Chania - Sfakia Village

The sun is shining bright!
Spring is already here!
Summer is loading ... 

Please find below our new activities in unique South Crete, starting from Sfakia port.

- Boat Trip to Marmara Beach & Loutro Village

Boat Trip To Best Beaches of South Chania

Gavdos Island Boat Trip

Scuba Diving - Sfakia - South Crete

We look forward to helping you with your upcoming travel to lovely Crete!

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Photo Of The Day : Aradenas Gorge

Our photo of the day is from the gorge of Aradena, which is located in the region of Sfakia.

It runs from the southern slopes of the White Mountains and forms a deep cut to the small beach of Marmara (a little to the West of Loutro).

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Legend Of The 12 Archontopoula - Truth Or Fiction?

Let's start this lovely sunny day, week with a story.

If you are fortunate enough to visit one of the remote mountain villages of Crete, and if you are not fluent in the language, but have the services of a local translator, you will hear one of the most fascinating stories ever told.  The tale has been transmitted as “oral history” for years in the mountain tavernas, but it is usually told as though it happened yesterday.

It is the compelling and intriguing tale of The Legend of the...