Grape & Wine Escape - Experience In Crete - Seven Day Holiday

The history of wine in Crete and its bonds with the island have deep roots, dating even further back than the Homeric epics.

For many people, wine is considered one of the strongest experiences in life.

The island of Crete is one of those places in Greece where you will taste memorable wines that will offer new thrills to your palate. “And wine that maketh glad the heart of man…” is what our ancestors used to say and this place is the right one to prove it true!

Nowadays, Crete is going through a wine revolution. 54 wineries have moved Cretan wine into a new era and have invested in morden winemaking technology.

Join us for a wine tasting holiday that you can easily enjoy without being an expert or specialist.

Combine winery tours with wine seminars and artisan cooking. Join us on this wine tasting holiday and receive in depth knowledge on Greek and Cretan wines.

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