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  1. Follow The Landscape Of Crete - A 7-Day Tailor – Made Walking Tour

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Follow the landscape of Crete, a 7-day tailor – made walking tour. A walking holiday composed by a selection of coastal paths, mountain tops, forests, high plateaus, valleys and gorges. The program combines walking through Crete’s most spectacular ecosystems with participating in cultural, agricultural and gastronomical activities, while interacting with the local communities

  2. Starry Nights In Crete - Gaze The Stars & Discover Universe

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Starry Nights In Crete - gaze the stars & discover the universe during your stay in Crete. Enjoy our "magical" evening tour-activity in Crete, stargazing Greek Gods and stars at night and travel your mind and your senses to a whole new level of clarity and uniqueness.

  3. Neraidogoula - The Legendary Cave In Lassithi Mountain Range

    • Lasithi

    Neraidogoula - The Legendary Cave In Lassithi Mountain Range. Trekking, mystery and suspense in Cretan Mountains. We walk through the biggest forest on Crete and then we go underground to explore the secrets at the heart of the mountain in Lasithi.

  4. Stinalonde : From The Ancient City Of Olous, To The Lepers Island Of Spinalonga

    • Lasithi

    Stinalonde : From The Ancient City Of Olous, To The Lepers Island Of Spinalonga. Hiking and learning, the ancient city of Olous, the former salt pans, the early Christian basilica, the medieval church of Analipsi, the roman street at Kolokitha Peninsula, the island of Spinalonga and more.

  5. Wild Herbs Of Crete In Sitia Region - Use In Medicine & Gastronomy

    • Lasithi

    Wild herbs of Crete : The use of unknown herbs of Crete in medicine and gastronomy, is a fascinating tour, which will immerse you in real Cretan nature & food culture while walking through enchanting hidden countryside. Crete, is a place known since ancient times for the quality and diversity of its aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs.

  6. Walking Tour & Visiting The Ancient Olive Tree In Kavousi

    • Lasithi

    Walking Tour & Visiting The Ancient Olive Tree In Kavousi, history and nature lovers will love this tour. We will walk in the tranquil coutryside of Kavousi and will stop in memorable moments of history and culture of the olive and Crete, will meet the oldest and most respected lady of Eastern Crete.

  7. Cullinary Experience, Day Sailing In Crete

    • HeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Sail, savour and experience Greek high end cuisine in lovely Crete. An hour, escaping from crowded places while an introduction to mediterranean diet is held by professionals. Natural beauty, clear water and tranquility is the ideal scenery for this session. A dive is essential, while our chef begins. Just in time, wish you a tasteful trip!

  8. Explore Crete Express - Best Of Crete In A 4 Days Tour

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Best of Crete in 4 days tour for distinguished travelers who want the local expertise, the specialist guidance and the logistics of getting around taken care of, while they enjoy spending time with a small group, an express special sightseeing tour around Crete that covers the main sites and cultural landmarks of the island.

  9. Cretan Union Cup - Athletic & Cultural Event in Crete

    • HeraklionLasithi

    Cretan Union Cup, sailing event, is much more than a regatta. Is an athletic and cultural event that takes place every 2 years in Crete. Enjoy great sailing conditions, excellent organization and warm hospitality.

  10. Daily Yacht Cruise To Mochlos Fish Village

    • Lasithi

    Exploring the eastern side of the Mirabello Gulf, visit to the fishing village island of Mohlos. A superb daily yacht cruise in order to enjoy diving from the boat into the crystal clear waters some of the best beaches in Crete, Karavostasi, Voulisma and Istro.

  11. Afternoon Yacht Cruise to Kolokitha Island Enjoying The Sunset

    • Lasithi

    A 4 hours afternoon cruise to the Island of Kokokitha in order to enjoy watching the sun going down into the sea along with good friends and of course enjoying the cretan hospitality (with raki and cretan mezedes).

  12. Daily Yacht Cruise To Kolokitha Island in Crete

    • Lasithi

    An amazing cruise to enjoy the sun and the sea and of course explore every bit of the Kolokytha’s gulfs. You will dive into the crystal clear water of Mirabello Bay, rest in the golden beach, visit Spinalonga Island and swim to the unique pebbled seashore of the picturesque village of Plaka.

  13. Bird Watching in Crete

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Birdwatching in Crete will travel you at some of its most beautiful, isolated and unpopulated areas, mountains, gorges, lakes particularly when you are looking for birds such as eagles, vultures and falcons.

  14. Easter in Crete

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Easter is surely and by far the most important festival of the Greek year and is celebrated with many local customs and traditions. Greek Orthodox Easter usually falls one to five weeks after the western (Protestant, Catholic) Easter.

  15. Windsurfing in East Crete

    • Lasithi

    Palaikastro is one of the few places in Greece for the passionate lovers of wind surfing to enjoy the Meltemi especially through the months of July and August that the wind blows strongly in the area.

  16. Itanos Ancient Beaches

    • Lasithi

    About 3km north of Vai is the ancient Minoan site of Itanos, It may appear fairly desolate today, but this was an important site. A lot of people combiine their visit to Palm Beach of Vai to visit this significant site as well.

  17. Spathi Day Trip

    • Lasithi

    Join a day guided trip to Lasithi Plateau a nice place for pleasant excursions. Durring this hike the group will reach the highest summit of the mountain, Dikti at 2148 meters

  18. Sea Kayak Elounda-Spinalonga

    • Lasithi

    A daily sea kayak trip to explore the famed island of Spinalonga and the entire area of Elounda in a superb nature. Maybe the most popular daily trip of our trusted partner Enjoy-Crete.

  19. Luxury Tour of Crete

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithi

    The ideal itinerary for the discerning visitor. Enjoy fine quality and the most magical of times at these unique, boutique hotels and see the wonders and variety of Crete.

  20. Sea Kayak Kolokitha Circumnavigation

    • Lasithi

    Sea Kayak Kolokitha Circumnavigation, lovely Crete has a unique and spectacular coastline. Paddle the clear, blue Mediterranean waters; explore sea caves, tunnels and arches; relax on deserted beaches; explore uninhabited islands. 

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